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German UFOs – Did the Nazis Build Flying Saucers?

German UFOs have fascinated historians for decades but were they real? As the decades pass more evidence comes to light.



German UFO with Soldiers
(C) Arthur Inten

There’s a long-standing connection between Germany and extra-terrestrial phenomena. From Nazi German UFOs to mysterious sightings in the skies over the centuries, Germany’s history is intertwined with the world of aliens and unidentified flying objects. Some researchers believe that during World War II, Nazi Germany allegedly came into possession of extra-terrestrial knowledge and used what they could understand to develop advanced technologies. Some even speculate that the Nazis may have used these technologies to help create their ‘wonder weapons’ and build combat flying saucers.

Even after the war, numerous UFO sightings were reported across Germany, further fuelling the belief that there was a hidden connection between the Nazis and flying saucers.

Myths and Legends Involving Mysterious Beings in Germany

Germany has a rich history filled with myths and legends involving extra-terrestrial beings. One such legend is that of the 1561 celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg, where people witnessed a battle in the sky between fiery ships and recorded it in their newspaper.  This was not the first time such an event had been seen, and it wouldn’t be the last.  In April 1665, six fishermen witnessed an unexplained celestial phenomenon – a sky battle in the skies above the Baltic Sea near Stralsund. As evening came, a dark grey disk materialized high above the city centre, and battle commenced.

Nibelungen with Gold

Nibelungen with Gold

Germans have also long been fascinated with tales of the Nibelungens – a race of small beings that once lived deep inside the earth, had advanced technology (magic) and accumulated vast hoards of gold that later vanished. The Nordic word Nibelungen actually translates as foggy, misty or mysterious.

The Nazi Fascination with the Occult and Sources of Power

To understand Germany’s extra-terrestrial connections, we must delve into the Nazi fascination with the occult and sources of power. The Nazis believed in the existence of a hidden Aryan master race and sought ways to harness supernatural forces to achieve their goals. This fascination with the occult led them to explore various esoteric practices, including searching for mystical and extra-terrestrial knowledge.

One prominent figure in the Nazi occult movement was Rudolf Hess, who served as Hitler’s deputy. Hess was known for his interest in astrology and believed that the alignment of the planets held great significance. He even consulted astrologers before making important decisions. This fascination with astrology and the supernatural extended to other high-ranking Nazi officials as well.

Nazi German UFO Occult

The Nazi Search for Occult Power may have led to the development of German UFOs

The Nazis also sought out ancient artefacts and relics that were believed to possess mystical powers. Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS, was particularly interested in acquiring such artefacts and establishing a link between the Nazi regime and ancient mystical knowledge. It is within this context of occult beliefs and practices that the Nazi interest in extra-terrestrial connections emerged.

Sudden Advancements in Nazi Technology and the Wonder Weapons of WWII

Nazi Germany’s sudden advancements in technology during World War II have long fascinated researchers and historians. From jet engines to guided missiles, the Nazis seemed to possess technological capabilities far beyond what was expected at the time.

American soldier guarding a Heinkel He 162 Volksjäger.

American soldier guarding a Heinkel He 162 Volksjäger – Source WMC – Jan B.H.A. Vervloedt

During World War II, Nazi Germany embarked on a series of top-secret projects aimed at developing exceptionally advanced machines, including jet engines, rockets, nuclear weapons, sunray guns, super cannons, sonic armaments, cypher devices, smart explosives and, of course, flying saucers.


Horten Ho9 German UFO Style Plane

Horten IX V2, one of the experimental prototypes that would have led to the production version Gotha 229.

While there is no doubt that brilliant German scientists, such as Wernher von Braun, headed up these projects, researchers point to a sudden leap forward in Nazi technology as if they had been given secret insights into what was possible from unknown sources.  Much of the technology first developed has long ago entered mainstream awareness, such as cruise missiles, ICBMs, and jet fighters.  However, some of the most dangerous developments may remain secret to this day.

One of the most allegedly top-secret projects was the “Die Glocke” or “The Bell,” which was rumoured to be a device capable of anti-gravity and possibly even time travel. While the existence and capabilities of “The Bell” remain highly debated, its association with UFOs and extra-terrestrial technology has captured the imagination of UFO researchers.

Another project that fuelled speculation about Nazi Germany’s interest in UFOs was “Project Riese.” This top-secret initiative involved the construction of a massive underground complex in the Owl Mountains of Poland. Some researchers believe that this complex was to be used for testing and developing advanced flying saucers. It was so secret that records explaining its purpose have never been located. Again, we see the Nazi’s fascination with underground facilities and mining, almost as if they were looking for the realm of the Nibelungs or lost ancient technology.

German UFO - Project Riese

Unfinished Project Riese Tunnel Showing gigantic Size (Attribution: Wikimedia – Przykuta)

The exact extent of Nazi Germany’s interest in UFOs and extra-terrestrial technology remains shrouded in mystery. However, the existence of these projects and the rumours surrounding them have contributed to the enduring belief in Germany’s extra-terrestrial connections.

Nazi Germany and the Vril Society’s Interest in UFOs

As World War II progressed, German scientists and engineers became increasingly interested in UFO research. Additionally, German scientists conducted experiments on the effects of high-altitude flying on the human body. These experiments, which involved subjecting pilots to extreme conditions, were aimed at developing technologies that would enable aircraft to reach greater heights and speeds. These experiments, while associated mainly with rocket and jet aviation, clearly demonstrate the German commitment to pushing the boundaries of aviation technology during the war.

The Vril Society, an alleged secret group within Nazi Germany, has become the subject of much speculation and conspiracy theories. According to some accounts, the Vril Society believed in the existence of an underground civilization (the Nibelungs) and sought contact with them. They claimed to have received telepathic messages from these beings, who provided them with advanced knowledge and technology.

German UFO - Vril Energy Generator

Vril Energy Generator

The Vril Society’s interest in German UFOs and extra-terrestrial connections is often linked to their belief in Vril energy, a supposed limitless source of power that could be harnessed for both technological and spiritual purposes. Some theories suggest that the Vril Society, together with the Nazis, used this energy to develop flying saucers and other advanced technologies but ran out of time and resources to produce many of them before the war was lost.

While the existence and activities of the Vril Society remain highly debated, their alleged involvement with UFOs and extra-terrestrial beings has become part of Germany’s war narrative.

The Emergence of Haunebu Flying Saucers, Vril Craft & German UFOs

The legend of “The Bell” has become intertwined with the belief in Nazi UFOs. According to some intriguing theories, “The Bell” was a highly secret project that involved the development of advanced flying saucers. It is said to have been powered by a mysterious Vril substance known as “Xerum (or Xerium) 525,” which allegedly had anti-gravity properties.

The alleged development of Haunebu flying saucers and Vril craft is closely tied to the Vril Society and their alleged connection with otherworldly beings. According to some accounts, the Vril Society developed advanced flying saucers known as Haunebu, which were capable of incredible speeds and manoeuvres. These heavily armed saucers were said to be nearly indestructible.

The Vril craft, on the other hand, were smaller, disc-shaped aircraft that were allegedly used for reconnaissance and other covert operations. These craft were said to be piloted by members of the Vril Society who had undergone extensive training and were ardent supporters of the Nazi cause. It may be these craft that allied pilots often identified as the mysterious Foo Fighters that followed them at night.

While the existence of Haunebu flying saucers and Vril craft remains highly debated, their possible existence has become mainstream knowledge, and it is even possible to buy model kits of these machines.

Haunebu Flying Saucer Model Kit

Haunebu Flying Saucer Model Kit

Operation Paperclip and German UFOs

As World War II was ending and tensions were rising between the Western alliance and the Russian Soviets, the United States initiated Operation Paperclip, a covert operation aimed at recruiting German scientists and engineers with expertise in advanced technologies. The goal of the operation was to gain a strategic advantage over the Soviet Union in the emerging Cold War. The Russians also had a similar but seemingly less successful programme called Operation Osoaviakhim.

German UFO Scientists in USA

Twelve scientific specialists of the Peenemuende team at the front of Building 4488, Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Alabama.(Left to right) Dr. Ernst Stuhlinger, Director, Research Projects Office; Dr. Helmut Hoelzer, Director, Computation Laboratory: Karl L. Heimburg, Director, Test Laboratory; Dr. Ernst Geissler, Director, Aeroballistics Laboratory; Erich W. Neubert, Director, Systems Analysis Reliability Laboratory; Dr. Walter Haeussermarn, Director, Guidance and Control Laboratory; Dr. Wernher von Braun, Director Development Operations Division; William A. Mrazek, Director, Structures and Mechanics Laboratory; Hans Hueter, Director, System Support Equipment Laboratory;Eberhard Rees, Deputy Director, Development Operations Division; Dr. Kurt Debus, Director Missile Firing Laboratory; Hans H. Maus, Director, Fabrication and Assembly Engineering Laboratory.

Under Operation Paperclip, over 1,600 German scientists and engineers were secretly brought to the United States. Many of these individuals had worked on top-secret projects during the war, including research possibly related to UFOs and extra-terrestrial technology. Their knowledge and expertise played a crucial role in the subsequent development of the US space program and advanced aircraft technology.

German UFOs and Sudden Advances in US Technology and Secret Projects

In the years following World War II, the United States witnessed a sudden surge in flying saucers and rocket technology. This period, often referred to as the “UFO wave,” saw numerous reported sightings of unidentified flying objects across the country.

Ramjet Flying Saucer - Declassified

Ramjet Flying Saucer – Declassified

Some theorists believe that these sudden advancements in US technology were a result of the transfer of German knowledge and expertise through Operation Paperclip. We know for certain that ex-German scientist Wernher von Braun was integral to the success of the US space programme.  Did the German researchers and engineers who were brought to the United States share their insights into German UFOs and possible extra-terrestrial technology, contributing to the rapid development of US flying saucers and rocket technology?

Avro Flying Saucer / Fan Ramjet

Avro Flying Saucer / Fan Ramjet

Certainly, the US experimented with saucer-like craft, including the well-known Avro air car and early drone trials. Were these rapid advances in all fields of science just the result of human ingenuity, or were there other factors in play about which we still don’t know the truth?

Operation HIGHJUMP: The USA’s Unusual Antarctic Mission

Operation HIGHJUMP, a US naval expedition to the Antarctic in 1946-1947 to establish an Artic research base as part of the United States Navy Antarctic Developments Program, has also been linked to the possibility that Nazi survivors had continued developing UFO technology.

According to these theories, During WWII, the Nazis established an extensive secret base in Antarctica, where they continued their research into advanced technologies and extra-terrestrial communication. Operation HIGHJUMP, it is claimed, was an attempt to locate and neutralize this base.

Operation HIGHJUMP commenced on 26 August 1946, less than one year after WW II, and ended in late February 1947. Task Force 68 included 4,700 men, 07 ships, and 33 aircraft and was led by Rear Admiral Ethan Erik Larson.  Some theories suggest that the mission was a cover-up for a secret operation aimed at investigating possible Nazi survivor bases in Antarctica and point to the unusually extensive resources deployed by the USA to set up a simple base.

While there is no concrete evidence to support these claims, the alleged connection between Operation HIGHJUMP and Germany’s extra-terrestrial connections adds another layer of intrigue to the narrative.

German UFO Black and White

German UFOs – Black and White


The Ongoing Fascination with Nazi German UFOs.

There is no doubt that Germany has a strong connection with historical UFO sightings and myths of otherworldly beings with advanced knowledge and an obsession with gold. We know for a fact that the Nazis were passionate about discovering extraordinary power sources, both physical and spiritual.  Their remarkable and sudden technological accomplishments, such as V1 flying bombs, V2 Rockets and extraordinary jet fighters such as the Horten Ho 229 and the rocket-powered Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet, were stunning achievements.  Rumours of additional flying saucer technologies are persistent and often credible if hard to comprehend.  The fact that both the Soviet Union and the USA were desperate to find German scientists at all costs strongly suggests that this was a matter of global importance and national security.  So, did the Nazi German UFO exist? Many believe it is very possible and even likely.