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The Cannock Chase Werewolf

Unravelling the tale of the Cannock Chase Werewolf and exploring the legends and alleged encounters with this mysterious creature.



The Cannock Chase Werewolf
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An Unseen Presence in the Night

You may have heard of heard of Dracula, the Nosferatu and even watched the Underworld Lycan films, but there’s one monster that has been left out of the spotlight so far —the Werewolf of Cannock Chase.

That’s right: the Cannock Chase Beast, as it was originally known, is also a werewolf. And this isn’t just any old werewolf we are talking about here; we are talking about one of the most famous and well-documented cases in British history!

The Cannock Chase Werewolf – Not a New Phenomenon

To understand this creature, we must travel back through time to the year 1727 when a young boy was murdered in a small village outside of Staffordshire, England. His body revealed evidence of an attack by a creature with huge fangs and claws that tore out his throat and chest while he was still living.

This was not the only attack reported from this location; there were others before it and more to come after it too. During the 18th century, a shepherd named Thomas Bateman was returning home late one night when he claimed to have seen two werewolves fighting near Cannock Chase in the Midlands of England. He described them as “hairy and black as coal”, with extended claws and dreadful teeth. Bateman said that one of the creatures killed the other before fleeing into the darkness.

One hundred years later another sighting took place but this time it involved two people who saw their friend attacked by what looked like a wolf but turned into a man before their eyes! More sightings followed throughout history.

The Werewolf of Cannock Chase is a cryptid that has been said to be sighted in the area for many years. The creature is described as being roughly seven feet tall and having a human-like face and hands instead of paws.

This phenomenon has been reported by many people over the last decade, with some saying they saw it while driving along the road at night. However, there are no photos or evidence available as proof whether or not this creature exists.

In a recent report, a Cannock resident argued that they witnessed “a creature with the head of a wolf and the body of a man” walking through their garden during the month of July. Another sighting was made by two men who saw something they described as “bigger than a bear” while they were driving on the Cannock Chase road at night. The beast was said to be covered in fur and had red eyes. Perhaps most notably, another witness came forward with what they believed was photographic evidence: an image captured on camera after spotting something moving through woods during daylight hours.

There were many strange things happening at Castle Ring in the mid-1800s. The most famous of these is the account of a mysterious and terrifying presence that haunted the castle’s dining hall, where it was said to materialize and then disappear without warning or explanation.

The Mystery of Castle Ring

A popular site for paranormal activity, the Castle Ring is a large circular earthwork in Cannock Chase. It is thought to have been constructed around 600 BC, although there is no archaeological evidence to prove this. It was first recorded by William Camden in 1607 and has become popular with paranormal enthusiasts due to its supposed connection with werewolf sightings.

Cannock Chase Castle RingThe Cannock Chase Post, a local newspaper actually ran a story in which it was suggested that the werewolf sightings could actually be a ‘underground stone-age throwback’.  The theory goes that the creatures could have lived and flourished for centuries in the old mines and caves under Cannock Chase hills.  It’s possible that they only emerge at night when the come to the surface to hunt for local deer amongst the stone age barrows and earthworks.

It is definitely true that there have been many cases of domestic pet disappearances in the area, particularly near to the old German War cemetery.

The Beast Today

The Beast of Cannock Chase has been roaming the forest for centuries, but if you’re determined to see it for yourself, don’t go looking for it on just any night of the month. It’s said that on certain days of the year, like Halloween and New Year’s Eve, you can see the werewolf’s glowing eyes—and even smell its stench—when you visit Cannock Chase in Staffordshire.

The werewolf of Cannock Chase remains a popular topic of conversation and folklore to this day. Stories and sightings continue to come in, and the beast has starred in an award-winning local film. Not in person – of course.

Have you seen the Cannock Chase Werewolf

The Cannock Chase is a forest in Staffordshire, England. Along with its haunted abbey and cave system, it has gained notoriety for many legends over the years, including several ghost stories and one particularly chilling werewolf tale.

The Cannock Chase Werewolf began its life as legend but was later transformed into a local urban legend. Today, it remains one of Britain’s most famous werewolves.