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Authentic, hand-aged, creative reproduction of the allegedly missing documents from Project Grudge about the Grey Alien Sighting at Wright Paterson Air force Base in the USA with original sketches. The incident is said to have taken place several months after the infamous UFO crash outside of Roswell New Mexico.

This creative work is based on the reports at the time following the alleged transfer of aliens from the Roswell UFO Crash to Hanger 18 at WP-AFB. Trimmed A4 Size – 28.8cm (W) x 20.0cm (H).

  • Only Available Here
  • Hand Redesigned and Finished
  • Dispatches from United Kingdom
  • Size: Pretrimmed A4 / A3
  • Height: 20 Centimetres
  • Width: 28.8 Centimetres
  • Dated Art Print Quality Paper
  • Materials: Art Paper, Inks, Graphite, Colour Dyes & Natural Organics.
  • Frame Not Included

The artwork depicts part of a post operations AMC report into an incident that allegedly took place at the AFB. The sketches depict grey Aliens, a image that was largely unfamiliar at the time.
According to a former employee who worked at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio USA, aliens are being kept at the military center and have been for almost 40 years. An ex-engineer from the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WP-AFB), Raymond Szymanksi, claims that that aliens from the notorious Roswell incident in 1947 were moved from the purported crash site in New Mexico to the Dayton, Ohio, military complex. He claimed that debris from UFOs and other extra-terrestrial material is kept in a network of vaults under the section of the base known as Restricted Area ‘A’.

Many researchers now believe that WP-AFB is actually the real Area 51, and that Groom Lake / Nellis AFB in Nevada is actually just a decoy. Various reports over the years have claimed that the Greys from the air base occasionally tried to escape. Known as ‘Gink Runners” they have been the cause of extensive search and recovery missions known as ‘Bug Nets’.