We now know that UFOs are real! They’ve been renamed UAPs (Unexplained Aerial Phenomena) but no one is fooled by the convenient label change.

The Unite States military have finally confirmed that they regularly track flying objects that defy explanation, both visually and on their latest more advanced radar.

According to government military experts, these aircraft have performance abilities way beyond anything being used or in development by the USA and have officially been identified as a threat to national security.

Exactly what they are remains a mystery. They are either a new inconceivable terrestrial technology or they are extra-terrestrial. Both possibilities are game changing. Now that we know they are real, we urgently need to look back through history and re-evaluate what we think we know.

Pentagon UFO FootageThe UFO phenomenon entered mainstream awareness during WWII and unfortunately there have been many hoaxes. This makes accounts of UFOs before this date incredibly important as they will be both original and untainted by modern UFO culture. Most interesting is… when you start looking – you find them everywhere. In this article that features over 20 examples, we look at just UFOs (as machines) and not the possible depictions of aliens that often accompany them.


Ancient rock drawings that may portray UFOs have been discovered in Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh, India, suggesting that aliens from other planets have been communicating with humanity from ancient times. This art is at least 10,000 years old.

People from the area tell legends of the ‘Rohela people,’ that they heard from their forefathers. Rohela translates as the “the tiny ones,”. According to folklore, the ‘Rohela people’ would arrive from the skies in a round-shaped flying device and abduct one or two village residents who would then never return.

Mr Wassim Khan, a local archaeologist, has seen the petroglyphs first hand. He believes that the devices and creatures shown in them are completely out of character when compared to other instances of prehistoric cave art showing ancient life in the area that have already been uncovered.


Also in India are pre-historic cave paintings near Anekundi (10 km from Hampi). Hard to find and difficult to reach, they are still remarkably well preserved and date back to the same period as the Charama drawings.

One of pictures clearly shows an object that appears to be a flying disk with beings inside it. The official explanation is that it’s a depiction of a burial chamber, however, it is unlike any other representations found in the area.

UFO Rock Art at Onake Kindi, near Anegundi, Karnataka c8000 BC. CC-BY-SA-4.0. Photo Credit: WMC Arun Shanker.

Another thing to notice is that all of the other figures, whether human and animal, are painted on a vertical plane at eye level. However, if you look closely, the so-called spaceship is painted on the top, on a horizontal plane. Does this imply that prehistoric humans attempted to show it descending from the sky?

It’s worth noting that the area has a number of very odd rock formations including the ‘blood stone’ that looks as if it was split with a laser and the helicopter rock that appears to have been shaped to represent vertical take-off blades. All very unusual.

ANUNNAKI UFO (Sumerians – 5000BC)

According to the Sumerians, they didn’t make all their remarkable advancements on their own. they credited their historic breakthroughs to a group of heavenly visitors called the Anunnaki. Some scholars believe the Anunnaki were extra-terrestrials from another world and can back up these claims with ancient Sumerian records.

There are at least three very clear depictions of UFOs in ancient Sumerian carvings.

Sumerian Flying UFOMainstream archaeologists simply explain these as stylised depictions of angels or gods and then change the subject. The reality is that they clearly show beings in some form of craft either at an atmospheric level or in cosmic representations.

Sumerian UFO Flying Over Moon

Sumerian UFOs


According to very ancient Indian legends, that date back to some of the earliest civilizations, there were once god-like beings that flew through the air using magical machines. The original term for these machines was “Ratha” which later gave way for the term “Vimana”. These machines were controlled by a supreme leader who allowed them to be used by his chosen few. According to various researchers, many modern UFO sightings clearly describe unknown aircraft that strongly resemble the descriptions of Vimanas that can be found in the ancient texts. What is more, the way that they moved and their ability to defy gravity is very similar to recent reports by US navy pilots that have been confirmed by the US government to be actual UFOs

Vimana India c1650It’s worth noting that sightings of Vimanas were made across the whole of Southeast Asia and were carved into temples as far away as Prasat Hin Phanom Rung in Thailand.


Among the customary symbols, insects, and snakes, the 3,000-year-old hieroglyphs discovered at Seti I’s temple in Abydos, Egypt, are believed by UFO investigators to portray a helicopter, jet, and future aircraft. They are instantly recognisable and have caused a great deal of controversy.

UFOs Art Abydos MachinesAccording to mainstream archaeologists they are the result of a process known as over-carving where an existing set of hieroglyphs are filled and recut. However, alternative researchers point out that the chance of creating one recognisable aircraft image by this process would be remarkable and yet here there are at least four. They don’t deny that over-carving has taken place – just that the carvings we see today were the intended design.


Around 600BC the Hebrew prophet Ezekiel witnessed what can today be described as a UFO encounter with extra-terrestrial beings. The incident happened on the shores of the Chebar River and appeared in the air amid clouds and fire. He described wheels within wheels all covered in eyes and a divine being seated at the centre. This device could fly and briefly touches down in front of Ezekiel. He believes that it is a vision of Jehovah the patriarchal god of the old testament.

UFO Vision of EzekielThere have been many depictions of the encounter in art over the centuries. The one above was create in 1670 by …..


Located in the Northern Territories of Australia is the Burrungkuy (Nourlangie) rock art site, within the World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park.  In the most important (Anbangbang) gallery there are depictions of the Creation Ancestor Namondjok, and the Creation Ancestor Namarrkon, also known as the Lightning Man.  In this cluster of ancient artworks paranormal researchers have noticed two flying fish that look remarkably like UFOs.

Flying Fish Ufos Of Burrungkuy - Nourlangie

These objects are located in the sky, above what appears to be a group of alien-looking humanoids.  The fish are quite unusual.  The mouth area has been delineated with bands to create the effect of a windscreen, (A) the tail has and extra plate that looks like a rudder (B) and the back of one of the fish appears to sprout antennas (C).  It’s most interesting that these objects are located in the sky not beneath the feet of the beings which is the traditional positioning.  According to historians, the objects are just fish but Ufologists believe they are symbolic animal personifications of flying craft.


The Quimbaya artefacts are largely pottery and gold pieces that have survived from the Quimbaya civilisation, which was one of numerous pre-Columbian Colombian cultures that lived in the Middle Cauca River valley and southern Antioquian area of modern-day Colombia. The items are thought to have been created between 500 BC and 600 AD. Found among these items were a series of gold artifacts that clearly represent modern delta wing aircraft – in fact, they are near perfect representations.

QUIMBAYA JETS - ARTIFACTSAccording to mainstream archaeologists these are nothing more than stylised birds. Just take a look at the image below to see how these claims are patently outrageous. Firstly, the goldsmiths of Quimbaya were extremely talented and more that capable of creating stylised birds or insects that actually looked like these creatures. Secondly, what bird or insect has a cockpit, engine array and a vertical tail? The answer – none. Still, you decide.

Part Two coming soon.