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On 10 March 2021, a law enforcement officer from the Mentor Police Department responded to a call regarding a “seven-year-old girl” running on a street in the Bellflower Elementary district. The officer arrived on the scene and  got out of the car, but the “girl” had vanished without a trace – the area was wholly deserted. The officer reviewed his DVR, but the youngster was not visible on the video. However, one of the street surveillance cameras, some say a door camera,  recorded the peculiar figure. The recording, which was provided to the WKYC TV channel, became the subject of discussion in the Facebook group for the investigation of the paranormal in Mentor, where it was believed that a ghost had turned up in the area. However, some sceptics claim that it was an ordinary person running along the pavement and the camera was unable to accurately focus on the person. There have also been speculations that it might have been a wind-blown plastic bag.  Comments on the YouTube channel claim to be from people living in the exact area and assert that this ghost is real and has been seen on several occasions.

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