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Mothman - Moth Man Imperidox Mothman - Myths and Monsters

Myths and Monsters

Welcome to Myths and Monsters, your portal into a realm where legends, myths and reality merge and creatures beyond belief stir in the shadows of our world. Here, fabled beasts spring to life, their stories having intrigued mankind across the centuries – tales of the Kraken, the dreaded colossus of the deep, and the Phoenix reborn from ashes in a blaze of golden glory.

Review well-reported stories about myths and monsters such as that of the infamous Chupacabra, a grim reaper of livestock under the light of the lunar harvest moon and tales of the West Virginian Mothman.

Delve with us into accounts from the frontiers of science, where unknown beasts leave puzzling signs that confound our understanding. Journey with us as new research challenges old mysteries into giving up their secrets. Learn what whispers of the Wendigo stirred dread among tribes of the northern woods or how the elusive Kitsune earned a place in Far Eastern folklore. The Banshee’s haunting call down the ages – what cultural anxieties gave rise to her, and what did she portend for those poor souls who heard her scream?

But ours is not solely a website for recounting antique fables. We invite speculation on the possibility that some legends live yet are concealed in this world. Could the Loch Ness monster preserve a line of dinosaurs in Scotland’s depths? Might Bigfoot prove to be a species of unknown primate stalking wilderness trails? Ponder with us evidence and eyewitness reports challenging preconceptions of the natural order.

Join our fellowship of devotees, doubters, and diehards as Imperidox explores and records, bringing light to the obscure and answers to puzzles old and new. Whether a devoted cryptozoologist or seeker of novel wonders, Myths and Monsters offers bounty for the inquiring mind and imaginative spirit alike. Dive into the murky depths, like the Lakeland Frog, and let the mysteries unfold!

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Embark on a journey through the unknown as you explore our curated selection of articles, each a gateway to the fascinating and often mysterious world of human history where science meets the unexplained.

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What’s the Latest Take on Myths and Monsters

Throughout history, humanity has maintained a deep fascination with myths and monsters, from cryptids sighted around the world like the elusive Loveland Frog or the towering figure of Bigfoot prowling forests to supernatural beings that emerged from the shadows, such as vampires draining the lifeblood of victims or werewolves transforming under the light of the full moon.

People are still fascinated by mythical creatures born from ancient tales like the Minotaur imprisoned in the labyrinth or the Hydra with its vicious multiplying heads. This fixation has endured for centuries, permeating folklore, literature, and mass media. Today, these legendary entities continue to capture imaginations, though modern perspectives have evolved alongside scientific knowledge and the influence of entertainment.

In the past, myths and monsters served meaningful roles. They frequently provided explanations for natural wonders that defied understanding, imparted moral lessons through cautionary narratives, or embodied cultural anxieties. For instance, the Minotaur of Greek myth symbolised humankind’s inner complexities and the perils of excessive pride. Likewise, vampires and werewolves embodied societal fears of the unknown and humanity’s monstrous potential within.

Vampire with Brick Mouth - Myths and Monsters

Contemporary Public Views

Nowadays, belief in cryptids endures, mingled with uncertainty and fascination. According to a 2020 Chapman University survey, nearly one-fifth of Americans interviewed believe Bigfoot exists, indicating many remain open-minded about the subject.

Television programs, documentaries, and social media sustain these legends. For example, shows like “Finding Bigfoot” and “MonsterQuest” feed ongoing interest in cryptids. Online platforms allow enthusiasts worldwide to share supposed sightings and theories, fostering a community of sceptics and believers alike.

Literature and cinema have revitalised the allure of vampires and werewolves. For instance, the “Twilight” series introduced vampires and werewolves to new mainstream audiences, especially younger demographics. A 2011 Ipsos poll found that 15% of respondents believed in vampires’ existence, highlighting their continued significance in modern mythology. A CivicScience survey in mid-2022 revealed that 13% of U.S. adults believe Bigfoot is a real, living creature, an increase from 11% in 2020​. Overall, about 20% of Americans believe in various cryptids, including Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and others​ (CivicScience)​​

The allure of mythical beasts stems from their embodiment of eternal mysteries that intrigue our psyche. They represent unseen forces in the world and serve as vessels to contemplate complex parts of human nature. Whether rooted in ancient folklore or modern pop culture, these fanciful figures continue to captivate generations with their symbolic power.

44% of Americans believe in the Yeti (12% strongly believe, 29% believe). 33% of Americans believe in mermaids (11% strongly believe, 22% believe)

Even in the face of fierce scepticism, fascination with the unknown hasn’t waned. We remain enthralled by constructs that personify our fears and serve as narrative devices to process complex thoughts. And, as enigmas persist in remote jungles and deep oceans, so too will myths and monsters stir wonder in storytelling and cultural traditions and feed our psychological desire to make sense of life’s unanswered questions.


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