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The shocking truth behind the most mysterious deaths.

It’s extraordinary how many people, famous and unknown, die in the most mysterious circumstances.  What makes these cases so special is they often remain unsolved or unexplained, begging the question – what really happened?  Suspicious suicides, political assassinations, unsolved murders, and even fake deaths are far more common than you might believe.  From the ancient demise of Cleopatra to the insane murder of Rasputin, we take a closer look and remind people – it’s a dangerous world out there.


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Curse of the Hope Diamond

The Tragic Hope Diamond Curse

Stolen from a god, many believe that this is the most cursed gemstone to ever exist

Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood

Suspicions Still Linger Around the Tragic Death of Actress Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood was almost as popular as Marilyn Monroe, She was at the peak of her success then suddenly died in mysterious and suspicious circumstances.

Dyatlov Pass Incident Theories

Theories about the Dyatlov Pass Incident

For those who don’t already know the story – a team of nine people hiking in the Ural Mountains suddenly cut a hole in their tent in the middle of the night…

Yogtze Mysterious Death

Nearly 40 Years and the YOGTZE Murder Remains Unsolved

Gunther Stoll believed he was being followed by dark forces who wanted to harm him. His family thought he was just delusional then he was found naked and…

Princess Diana Crash - ScottBaker Evidence

Should the Mysterious Death of Princess Diana be Investigated Again?

It has been more than twenty years since Princess Diana died and the mystery still persists. The simple truth is that many people just feel that there are…

Strange Death Morris Jessup

UFO’s & The Strange Death of Morris Jessup

When a UFO researcher, who was being investigated by the US Navy suddenly commits suicide, without leaving a suicide note, it’s natural for people to wonder…

DB Cooper Boeing 727

Why Everyone Looked for DB Cooper in the Wrong Place

At least 95 percent of all investigations into the 1971 DB Cooper hijacking have made the same assumption. They all believe that he jumped out of the Boeing…

Strange Death of Joseph Stalin

Everything Strange about Joseph Stalin’s Death

In the entire recorded history of mankind there are less than 25 people who deserve the title: Butchers of Humanity. Joseph Stalin is one of them.

Curse of the Treshams

The Curse of the Treshams

It is easy to believe that that the Tresham family was cursed. What happened to them over the course of three hundred years is both shocking and gruesome.