Top Ten Lost Treasures World

Top Ten Lost Treasures of the World

There are countless lost treasures just waiting to be found. This is the original top ten list of the most valuable…

Nazca Lines Google Earth

See the Nazca Lines on Google Maps Terrain

A favourite subject has been the mysterious and enigmatic Nazca Lines of Peru. Largely located in the arid desert of…

Gold Silphium Coins - 308 - 277 BC

The Mystery of Silphium, the Lost Miracle Plant!

They believed it could cure any disease, was the tastiest spice in the world and was worth its weight in gold and…

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The Mysterious Metal Library and the Tayos Cave

Deep in the heart of the jungle, shrouded in mystery and steeped in legend, lies the Metal Library believed to hold the…

UFOs in Historic Art

UFOs in Art – Historic evidence for ET’s

Even though the UFOs in Historic Paintings may have symbolic explanations they are still extra-terrestrial –…

UFOs in Ancient Art

UFOs in Ancient Art

Awareness of UFOs in historic art has been growing as people find more examples of these mysterious flying objects that…

Mysterious Geoglyphs

Mysterious Geoglyphs from Around the World

Geoglyphs (land pictures) are usually large artworks that have been etched into the landscape and are best viewed from…

Ancient Egyptian Mysteries – We still Can’t Solve

There are so many ancient Egyptian mysteries that we still can’t solve! From secret rooms in the great pyramid to…

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