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During April of 2020 the US department of defence admitted that UFO’s do exist and confirmed that US navy pilots have been reporting them for decades.  Of course, they won’t call them UFOs but have labelled them as UAPs Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. The Pentagon released three videos showing unknown aircraft that were capable of performing extraordinary manoeuvres and achieving impossible speeds.  After 70 years of government debunking , we know that they are real after all.  It’s time to look more closely at UFOs again!


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UFOs in Historic Art

UFOs in Historic Art

Even though the UFOs in Historic Paintings may have symbolic explanations they are still extra-terrestrial – essentially translated: Outside of The Earth.

UFOs in Ancient Art

UFOs in Ancient Art

Awareness of UFOs in historic art has been growing as people find more examples of these mysterious flying objects that date back to the dawn of human…

Strange Death Morris Jessup

UFO’s & The Strange Death of Morris Jessup

When a UFO researcher, who was being investigated by the US Navy suddenly commits suicide, without leaving a suicide note, it’s natural for people to wonder…

The Rendlesham Forest Incident

The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident

The Rendlesham Forest Incident (RFI) refers to a series of alleged UFO sightings near Bentwater military base in Suffolk, England.

Ezekiel UFO Vision

The UFO Vision of Ezekiel Artwork

The artwork shows the original 1761 etching together with text from the ancient scriptures from the holy books of the Abrahamic religions. Many people believe…

Do the Dogon People Have Impossible Celestial Knowledge?

In 1950 they discovered that these indigenous Dogon people had extraordinary knowledge of the distant star system known as Sirius. Impossible knowledge for an…

International Space Station UFO

ISS Spots Huge UFO

Another unusual anomaly has appeared on the livestream from the International Space Station that really needs a better explanation.

The Mantell Incident

The Mantell Incident – An Enduring UFO Mystery

On 7th January 1948, residents of Maysville, Owensboro and Irvington, Kentucky started reporting a UFO to their police. The police reported this to the…

Futuristic Planes Look like UFOs

Futuristic Planes that Look like UFOs

Are UFO's really out there? Could they be something else? Here are 11 futuristic aircraft that were probably mistaken for UFOs