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Should you feel that any of the materials, written or pictorial, infringe on any copyrights owned by yourself, or a third party represented by yourself, you should contact MostMysterious.Com to register your concerns. Should it become obvious that materials used in/on the Website have unwittingly contravened an existing copyright, the management of the website will immediately take steps to remove the content in question.


You, the user, acknowledge that you understand and accept that MostMysterious.Com owns or has a license / title to display the materials that comprise The Website. The viewing, and or use, of the MostMysterious.Com website in no way transfers any rights to you to use the materials contained in The Website in any way other than those implicit in the use of The Website itself. In particular, but not limited to the images contained within the challenges, quizzes, games and submissions sections of the website, they may contain text, images or variations on images provided by a third party on a royalty free and permissible web publishing agreement as set out in the terms and conditions of use by the third-party content provider.

These agreements strictly prohibit these images from being used in any other way than in the context used by MostMysterious.Com. Under no circumstances may any part of the website be duplicated unless specifically identified as permissible. Such an act will be deemed to be in direct infringement of copyright.

To remain in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) and other national and international laws, MostMysterious.Com has a policy of terminating the accounts and access of users that have broken the terms of this agreement and, in particular, the legal requirements of copyright protection. MostMysterious.Com and its third-party providers reserve the right to pursue legal action for copyright infringement against any persons, organization, company or party that infringes the copyright of the content of the MostMysterious.Com website.


In addition to the content originated by MostMysterious.Com the website may display material from third party authors. The authors of such material are independent of the owners, management and staff of MostMysterious.Com. These authors have either retained copyright on the materials displayed or assigned the rights to the materials to MostMysterious.Com. Unless otherwise stated, this material is covered by international copyright laws and the copyright conditions set out in this online document. Where the author/s have retained the copyright to the material displayed they have agreed to allow the display such material and may from time-to-time withdraw their consent to display.

Authors of original materials submitted to the MostMysterious.Com website consent without reservation that MostMysterious.Com has the right to display their materials and that MostMysterious.Com may continue to display such materials for a period of two calendar months after MostMysterious.Com has been notified that the author no longer consents for their material to be displayed. In the event that the author has transferred copyright to MostMysterious.Com and its owners, they have, in effect, passed on the ownership of said materials and acknowledge that they no longer have any rights other than those where the local law supersedes the conditions set out in this online document