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Welcome to Celestial Imperidox – your door to the mysterious and infinite universe! Here, we embark on a thrilling adventure through space and the cosmos, where the next page always leads to the unknown, and the night sky is always full of wonder.

Step into the extraordinary realm of peculiar stars that defy all scientific understanding, behaving in ways that challenge the laws of stellar physics. Dive into reports about alien worlds, from exoplanets with bizarre and tumultuous climates to moons that could potentially harbour extra-terrestrial life!

Continue to our sections on unexplained science to read about the latest discoveries that baffle minds and demand more research and investigation.

If you are into astrology, we take a look at that too.  Is astrology just a desire to believe in something or a powerful way of tapping into arcane and heavenly knowledge?

Uncover cosmic mysteries and unexplained history; read about UFO presence and alien encounters – follow the evidence and theories behind some mysterious phenomena constantly exciting the people. Read about ancient and recent unexplained wonders that teased human curiosity for centuries – from extraterrestrial hints in ancient artefacts to strange scientific anomalies discovered recently. Imperidox is more than a website – it is a future community for those who desire to look at the infinity above and find inspiration in what we know and what we still need to find out.

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Embark on a journey through the unknown as you explore our curated selection of articles, each a gateway to the fascinating and often mysterious world of human history where science meets the unexplained.

The 1971 USS Trepang UFO Enigma Unveiling The Mystery

This comprehensive report conducts a critical and thorough examination of the 1971 USS Trepang UFO images, a series of photographs captured from the USS Trepang SSN 674 submarine.

Mexico’s Alien Corpses Amidst New DNA Revelations

Mexico’s ‘Alien Corpses’ Amidst New DNA Revelations The enigmatic tale of Mexico’s ‘alien corpses’ has re-emerged in the public eye, stirring a whirlwind of debate and speculation in Mexico’s Congress, thanks to the latest twist in DNA research findings. This gripping story first captivated international audiences on September 13, when journalist and UFO aficionado Jaime […]

German UFOs – Did the Nazis Build Flying Saucers?

German UFOs have fascinated historians for decades but were they real? As the decades pass more evidence comes to light.

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What’s the Latest Take on our Celestial Knowledge?

The mysteries of space continue to capture human imagination, and scientific discoveries fuel ongoing debate about life beyond Earth. A 2021 Pew poll found that over half of Americans believe unidentified aircraft reported by military personnel point to aliens, matching growing views on extraterrestrial intelligence, according to Gallup. Parallel discoveries probing exoplanets stir renewed hopes of life’s diversity.

James Webb’s powerful instruments now join the exoplanet search, which is anticipated to significantly impact our understanding through atmospheric analysis. With each potentially Earth-like world found, interest swells about the possibility of life taking diverse forms across the cosmos. Still, results offer no statistics on shifting perspectives from recent findings. Though anticipation grows for revelations to come, the continuing lack of absolute evidence frustrates those seeking confirmation.

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Through media and fiction, beliefs continue to spread that we are not alone, fuelling both fascination and scepticism. But, as curiosity persists despite undefined encounters, scientific rigour persists in carefully scrutinising each new clue for understanding.

For example, a 2021 survey by Pew Research Center revealed that around 65% of Americans believe there is intelligent life on other planets, while 51% believe that UFOs reported by people in the military are likely evidence of intelligent life outside Earth.

The U.S. government’s 2021 report on 144 unexplained UFO sightings by military personnel has sparked renewed public interest and anticipation of further revelations.

NASA launched an independent study team in 2022 to research Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs).

The Pentagon established a new office in 2022 to report and analyse UFO sightings, signalling a renewed commitment to investigating the phenomenon.

A 2017 survey across 24 countries found that close to 50% of respondents believe in the existence of intelligent alien civilizations, with Russia (68%), Mexico (63%), and China (62%) having the highest rates of belief.

In the same survey, 61% said they believe there is some form of life on other planets.

A 2021 Gallup poll in the U.S. found that 41% of Americans believe some UFOs have been alien spacecraft visiting Earth, up from 33% in 2019.

In the UK, a 2021 YouGov survey revealed that 50% of Britons believe aliens exist, with 22% believing they have visited Earth.The survey also found that 7% of Britons claim to have seen a UFO themselves.

In Australia, a 2017 survey showed that 44% of respondents believe in alien civilizations.

A 2019 poll in the U.S. found that 49% believe “people somewhat like ourselves” live on other planets, while 75% said “life of some form” exists elsewhere in the universe.

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