Ghostly Chillingham Castle dark

Ghosts of Chillingham Castle – Britain’s Most Haunted

Chillingham Castle is not a place for the faint of heart. Said to be the most haunted…

Curse of the Treshams

The Curse of the Treshams

It is easy to believe that that the Tresham family was cursed. What happened to them over…

Mysterious Geoglyphs

Mysterious Geoglyphs from Around the World

Geoglyphs (land pictures) are usually large artworks that have been etched into the…


The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident

The Werewolf of Cannock Chase

When it comes to Lycans, there's one monster that has been…

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Wright Pat Grey Alien

Wright Patterson Grey Alien Artwork

The artwork depicts part of a post operations AMC report into an…

Ezekiel UFO Vision

The UFO Vision of Ezekiel Artwork

The artwork shows the original 1761 etching together with text from…

Ilton Druids Temple Sacrifice

What’s Going on at the Ilton Druids Temple?

There has been some growing concern over the past couple of decades…