Ancient Egyptian Mysteries - We still Can't Solve


Egypt is a country that has always been associated with the most incredible enigmas of history and continues to be a source of amazement and wonder.  There are many Ancient Egyptian mysteries, that have captured our imagination over the years. Let’s take a look at what we think are the top ten.

The Abydos Machines

Abydos Machines - Ancient Egyptian MysteriesFor our first example let’s look at the mysterious hieroglyphics that were discovered in the 1960s and have still not been satisfactorily deciphered.  Certainly they have baffled researchers for years. The Abydos Machines are a series of hieroglyphs that are found in the Temple of Seti I at Abydos in Egypt. The hieroglyphs depict images of modern technology, such as helicopters and rocket ships, but are believed to have been carved by the ancient Egyptians. There is some speculation that they may be a form of writing used only by royalty or priests, but this has never been proven to be true. Some researchers believe they prove that the ancient Egyptians had access to modern technology while others claim the shapes are just coincidental and caused by carving over the original design.  The debate rages on.

No Depictions of Pyramid Building

Pyramid Builders - Ancient Egyptian MysteriesOne of the most puzzling questions about the ancient Egyptians is why there are no images or carvings showing them building pyramids. There are no carvings depicting the construction of any other Egyptian monuments either found anywhere in Egypt.  This is really weird because the ancient Egyptians loved to paint and carve representation of their achievements – why not the pyramids.  It’s possible that this lack of evidence is because the Egyptians were so secretive about techniques that they didn’t want outsiders to know how they did it.  Others speculate that they were using secret advanced technology and were forbidden by the providers of that technology to record it.  The lack of depictions or records is just beyond belief or common sense.  As a result we still don’t know how they built the great pyramids and how they achieved what they did with such primitive tools.

The Petrie Cores

The Petrie Cores are a collection of ancient artefacts discovered by the British archaeologist William Flinders Petrie in 1889. A drill core is a tube of stone that is created when a hollow drill is used to remove a cylinder of stone from the base rock. That fact that these archaic cores have been found proves that the Ancient Egyptians were able to achieve something thousands of years ago that we would still find challenging today – they could drill through even the hardest granite.

Egyptian Drill CoreAs an engineer, Petrie immediately recognised that he was looking at an archaeological anomaly.  People have speculated that the use of copper cylinders spun with sand might work, but tests done on granite show that it would have taken a lifetime of spinning, used hundreds of copper tubes and left traces of copper for researchers to find which they did not.     Some people believe that these artifacts are evidence for ancient contact with advanced civilizations. However, archaeologists say that this claim is based on flawed logic as advanced civilizations didn’t exist.  The Petrie cores can still be viewed at the Petri Museum in London, UK.

A Mysterious Mummy Wrapped In A Linen Book

One of the most intriguing mysteries that surround the ancient Egyptians is the mummy wrapped in a mysterious book. The mummy was found in a tomb in Deir el-Bahri necropolis, which is located on the west bank of Luxor and is home to some of Egypt’s most famous temples. It was bought by Mihajlo Barić a Croatian official. He later discovered that this mysterious mummy was encased in an ancient manuscript which had been torn into strips and used to wrap around it before burial. There are still no answers as to why someone decided to wrap their dead loved one with pieces from such an old Etruscan document or where exactly it came from but there have been many attempts at deciphering its contents – all of which have failed. At this rate, who the lady was and what the document means may remain one of Ancient Egyptian Mysteries for ever.

The Dendera Lights

In the Temple of Hathor (the goddess of love and beauty) at Dendera, Egypt there are drawings which depict a scene where an Egyptian god is holding up two objects that resemble light bulbs with wires attached to them. It has been suggested that this was some sort of electrical device used for lighting the temple or casting spells on enemies during battles. You can clearly see the shape of the bulb with a filament depicted as a snake. These carvings are often used as an example of how ancient Egyptians might have created electricity using simple materials such as copper, zinc, and other metals. The relief has been dated back to around 1500 BC, making it one of the earliest examples of possible electrical technology known from history.  Mainstream Egyptologist strong deny that there is any evidence here for the ancient electricity theory.

The Saqqara Bird

The Saqqara Bird - The Ancient Egyptian MysteriesThe Saqqara Bird is an early man-made flying device, designed by skilled craftsmen to mimic the appearance of a bird. The artifact was found in 1898 in a tomb at Saqqara, Egypt, and is believed to be the earliest known example of a flying machine. According to Egyptian historian Ahmed Osman, the Saqqara Bird was found alongside other “planes” that are now missing. He believes that these artifacts were part of an ancient “secret society” dedicated to inventing new vehicles for flight. What makes this device particularly interesting is that it features an upright fin as part of the tail just like an aircraft rather than a bird.  The aerodynamics were also exception good. Replicas of the Saqqara Bird have been made a fly very well.  It is also the only one of its kind which also raises the question why?

The Lost Land Of Punt

Search Lost City PuntThe Land of Punt, sometimes confused with Ta Seti, was a country mentioned in Ancient Egyptian texts and records. The ancient Egyptians used this land for trading goods like spices, gold, ivory, and ebony.  Many believe it was located in the Horn of Africa where modern-day Somalia is today. Some people believe that Queen Hatshepsut might have visited there during her reign from 1479 BC to 1458 BC when she led trade missions with ships loaded with gifts including myrrh trees.  There is no doubt it existed and no doubt that it was rich and important.  We just can’t find it even with all our records and satellites.  There are many theories ranging from catastrophic destruction of the land to the possibility that Punt or ‘Pwnt’ was extra-terrestrial in origin.  We just don’t know how a well-known place could just vanish.

The Hidden chambers of the Great Pyramid

Hidden Chambers PyramidThe Great Pyramid of Giza is the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that still stands today. Built by Pharaoh Khufu during Egypt’s 4th Dynasty, it is a marvel of engineering and architecture. As magnificent as this monument may be, there are still many mysteries surrounding it—one being that there are secret chambers within its walls that have yet to be discovered. They could contain anything from the secrets of the Ancient Egyptians to vast treasures. The first person to suggest that there was something more to discover about this ancient wonder was Dr. David A. Edwards, who spent years studying readings from radar scans conducted inside its chambers.

In 2017, science researchers using particle physics were able to see through the stone. Their findings exposed a mysterious world full of hidden chambers. The largest of these secret rooms was a massive void nearly 100-feet-long that lay just above the pyramid’s grand gallery. Unfortunately getting these secret rooms is impossible without damaging the pyramid.

Machining Tool Marks

Egyptian Mystery StonesOne of the most impressive examples of ancient machining is a mysterious pattern of grooves cut into a stone block that was uncovered in 1912 by archaeologist Sir William Flinders Petrie. The carving, which looks like it was made with a machine that has not yet been invented, is on one side of what appears to be an unfinished obelisk from Egypt’s Fifth Dynasty (2990-2850 BCE). Another example discovered by archaeologists in 1998 showed machine marks on an unfinished piece of granite weighing over two tons sitting inside Cairo’s Museum Of Egyptian Antiquities. In fact there are many examples remaining in the stones that could have only been made by modern equipment and yet these cuts and abrasions are thousands of years old. The fact is, Ancient Egyptians were able to cut stones with precision that still baffles modern scientists even though there have been attempts to explain it using everything from wet sand to copper pipes.  The thing is, while these experiments show possibility, they completely lack all forms of practicality.

The Elongated Skull of Nefertiti and Akhenaten

Elongated Skull NefertitiPharaoh Akhenaten, his Great Royal Wife Nefertiti were both depicted in art as having very elongated skulls that were almost alien in appearance. Akhenaten also rejected the standard religious practices of ancient Egypt and focused on establishing a new religion based on worship of the sun.  This was so heretic that after their deaths the priests of Egypt went to great lengths to try and wipe Akhenaten and his family from the historical record.  Head binding was not a common practice in ancient Egypt and there are no other such depictions in the record of Egyptology.  So why were their heads elongated and how was it achieved? Was in a natural genetic trait or something more otherworldly?  Neither the body of Akhenaten nor Nefertiti have been officially found although some believe that the mummy identified as KV55 is that of Akhenaten although his skull is only slightly more elongated than normal.

The Loveland Frog - A Legend Persists

Have you ever heard of the Loveland frog? This is a legendary humanoid frog that was first reported around 1952 – 1955 in Loveland, Ohio. It’s probably one of the lesser-known Ohio cryptids (perhaps because it isn’t as interesting as the Mad Moose of Mansfield or as scary as South Bay Bessie). However, like those other creatures, there are several accounts of the Loveland frog being seen by multiple people in Ohio. Keep reading to learn more about what this creature is and where it came from.

It’s said to be a monster with the body of a frog and the head of an unidentified humanoid reptile. The beast is described as being “about four feet long” (1.2 meters) with mottled green-grey skin and bulging eyes that reflect red at night.

All sightings have been made along the Little Miami river between Lake Isabella and Chateau Laroche (Loveland Castle). This is a distance of less than four miles. See the map below:

Loveland Frog Sightings Map
Image credit: Google Earth


The first sighting of The Loveland Frog, according to the author Michael Newton, (no amphibious puns intended) was a businessman by the name of Mr Robert Hunnicut who was motoring home from work on his way to Loveland through Branch Hill, when he saw three bipedal, green-grey reptilian beings, each between three to four feet tall under a (railway) bridge next to the river. The incident took place during March of 1952 (some say 1955). According to the witness they seemed to be able to talk to each other and one of them held a cylindrical or wand-like device the issued blue sparks and frightened Mr Hunnicut so much that he fled the location. He later reported the incident to police chief Fritz of the Springfield station.  Fritz is said to have investigated the area but found nothing to substantiate the story.

Allegedly, later that year during the Spring of 1955, a group of boys were fishing near to Loveland Castle, (Chateau Laroche*1), when they claimed to have seen a three-and-a-half-foot tall frog-like creature swim across their path. The boys described it as having a wide mouth, “green-grey skin” and four legs, two of which look more like arms They reported that it made hissing noises while swimming towards them before disappearing under water. (It’s worth noting that Chateau Laroche is the worldwide headquarters of the Knights of the Golden Trail.) this was likely the second main sighting of the Loveland frog.


In 1972, police officer Ray Shockey was driving down Riverside Road when he saw something so weird that it would change his beliefs forever. The officer said he was driving slowly due to the icy conditions when he spotted what looked like a large dog by the curb.

The animal sprinted in front of the vehicle and forced it to come to an immediate halt. Once the cruiser came to a stop, its headlights revealed the crouching animal which looked like a giant frog with human-like features. The animal’s eyes reflected red in the cruiser’s headlights and seemed to be staring back at the officer before running off and leaping over the guard rail before vanishing into the water below.

Loveland Frog - Poor Quality News Picture ScanTwo weeks after officer Ray Shockey’s sighting, police officer Mark Mathews experienced his own odd encounter. While motoring into Loveland, he spotted what he believed to be an animal carcass lying on the tarmac.  He got out of his vehicle with the aim of removing the carcass from the frozen road when the beast abruptly lurched upwards into en erect position—and began moving toward him. Mathews realised he was looking at something other than an ordinary animal and fired his weapon at the beast which quickly dashed for the river and vanished with a splash.

The oddness does not end there: both Shockey and Matthews also recorded that their frogman was “greenish black or grey” with “round bumps or protrusions on its head.”

The event attracted a fair amount of publicity which neither officer welcomed. Sometime after their original claims the policeman changed their stories to the effect that the creature they had seen was nothing more than a tailless iguana – a pet that had obvious escaped from its owners. In fact, during a much later interview Matthews clearly stated that the whole incident had been exaggerated out proportion.

Not all researchers were convinced by the change in the narrative and believe that officers were compelled to change their story due to unwanted media attention and hostile local attitudes.


Other eyewitnesses who saw the frogman include Mr Chalfant, who told reporters that he saw the creature from his car on East Loveland road close to the bridge. He said it was “about five feet long, with dark skin and green stripes.”

As recently as 2016, two teenagers claimed to have seen the creature between Loveland Madeira Road and Lake Isabella. Sam Jacobs and his girlfriend witnessed the creature and were shaken by what they saw. According to Jacobs, who is the first to admit how weird the story sounds, the Loveland frog stood up to a height of 4 feet and walked on its hind legs.  The teenagers even managed to capture a quick if indistinct video on their phones.


Researchers believe that there have been numerous other sightings of these creatures but now that the Loveland Frogmen have become the subject of fun and frivolity, they are reluctant to come forward for fear of being ridiculed. Still, it is remarkable that a handful of sightings can so successfully keep the story going without something else stoking the fire. That fact that all the sightings, when mapped out, depict a distinct territory that was and still is near to woodlands and nature reserves is worth noting.

Finally, according to researcher, R. W. Benjamin, prior to the region being settled by Europeans, the local Indians of the Shawnee tribe recorded the existence of a ‘Shawnahooc’ or ‘River Demon’ that would retreat into the river when spotted. Makes you wonder.

It is also worth noting that the idea of a frog-humans was not a new one.  In fact there was a well document case of a man who was known as American Jack who took part in carnival shows and was eventually displayed (live) as part of the American Museum in London during 1888.

American Jack the Frog Man - Loveland Frog

Was Kurt Cobain Murdered

Death of Kurt Cobain Still Debated, Still Mysterious!



Kurt Cobain’s death on April 5, 1994, rocked the music world and left many people heartbroken. Although, even after all these years, we may still be mourning the loss of one of rock’s most talented voices, there are many fans and music professionals who believe that Cobain would not and did not commit suicide. There have been a number of conspiracy theories.  Why do these persist?  Well, there’s a lot of anomalies and still unanswered questions that are like itch that can’t be scratched. They demand our attention.


Mysterious Phone call

A few hours before his body was found by police officers on April 8th 1994; an unidentified man apparently called ‘In Touch Magazine’ claiming responsibility for the death of Kurt Cobain and giving detailed information about what occurred during their time together (this call has never been traced).

No useable fingerprints on Kurt Cobain’s Gun

It is also worth noting that there were allegedly no fingerprints belonging to Cobain on the shotgun, or the suicide note. Additionally, there were no fingerprints belonging to him on the shotgun shells nor on any of the drug equipment that he had supposedly used to inject himself. This seems impossible if he had committed suicide entirely by himself.  Strangely, the police didn’t seem to be bothered by this lack of evidence.

Too much heroin in Kurt Cobain’s system

One of the main reasons that many people believe Kurt Cobain was murdered is because of the amount of heroin found in his system. In order for Cobain’s body to have been injected with such a large amount of heroin, many people believe it would have had to been done by someone else; as there’s no way that Kurt could have injected himself with so much heroin on purpose (or accidentally).

Death of Kurt Cobain - Heroin Drug User
(C) EnvEle

Experts have also argued that any human being with that much heroin in their system would be completely incapable of repacking all their drug paraphernalia and then lining up the shotgun and pulling the trigger.  There were later tests done using oral heroin, but the truth is that this was like comparing apples to oranges.

Kurt Cobain’s Suicide note may have forged

According to investigators such as Tom Grant and handwriting experts, the note does not appear to be written entirely by Cobain. In fact, it is likely that at least parts of it were forged by someone else. Many claim that the style is inconsistent with other known samples of Cobain’s handwriting.

A number of experts have examined the alleged suicide note over the years and at least half believe that the last four lines were added by a second person.  Without these extra lines the letter is not a suicide note at all.  In fact, the letter never mentions his intention or decision to kill himself.  What it really looks like is a journal entry.

Kurt Cobain Suicide Note End
(Public Domain)

In addition, the letter refers to Courtney as a ‘Goddess of a Wife’ and in big capital letters says, “I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU’ but the evidence suggests at the time he had run out of feelings for her and was even preparing for a divorce. Also, if he loved Courtney so much why address the letter to his imaginary childhood friend BODDAH and not Courtney herself? Grant believes the note was clearly written by Cobain to his fans telling them he was quitting the music business.

To Boddah
(Public Domain)

Someone was using Kurt’s credit card.

According to Tom Grant, when Cobain’s body was discovered in was noticed that one of his credit cards was missing.  Records show that somebody attempted to use the missing credit card after Cobain died, but then ceased when his body was discovered. Could this mean that someone took the credit card after Cobain died and used it before the body was officially found?  Does this suggest foul play?

Even Cobain’s grandfather claimed that Kurt was murdered

Cobain’s own grandfather raised serious doubts about the death of Kurt Cobain. At one point, he was actually quoted as saying that he considered his grandson to have been murdered.


Kurt Cobain Death - Courtney Love 2005
(Shutterstock / Tinseltown)

Private Investigator Tom Grant Believed Love Killed Cobain

The first person to publicly go on record suggesting that Kurt Cobain was murdered was private investigator Tom Grant. Grant was hired by Courtney Love to investigate the initial disappearance of Cobain from his rehab centre.  His belief that Cobain was murdered led him to write a book titled “The Mysterious Death of Kurt Cobain: Suicide or Murder? You Decide” in which he details why he thinks Love used an assassin to kill her husband. According to Grant’s theory, Love wanted out of her marriage but knew that if she divorced Kurt, she would lose control over Nirvana’s valuable financial assets as well as custody over their daughter Frances Bean.

Kurt Cobain may have been planning to Divorce Courtney Love

According to numerous researchers, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s marriage was in trouble. The couple had been married for two years, but things were not going well between them. It was clear that Kurt Cobain wanted out of the marriage, and it wasn’t long before he decided to take action.

Kurt Cobain’s plans to divorce Courtney Love were allegedly found in his journal, which was not published until after his death. In his journal, Kurt Cobain mentions several times that he wants to break up with Courtney Love and go back home to Aberdeen where he can work on his music without having their relationship constantly hanging over him

Many have speculated that perhaps Courtney Love was behind Kurt Cobain’s murder because she didn’t want him to leave her or take away their daughter.

Investigative journalists Ian Halperin and Max Wallace believe Cobain was Murdered

Halperin and Wallace are investigative journalists who authored the book ‘The Murder of Kurt Cobain (The Mysterious Death of an Icon).’ In this work they suggest that Courtney Love was directly involved in the death of Cobain.

This publication was later followed up with another book called ‘Love and Death’ which expanded on their initial theories. According to the authors, they believe that Courtney Love orchestrated Cobain’s murder to gain control of his assets from the band Nirvana and to prevent him from divorcing her.

Whether this is true or not, She certainly did well out of the incident and inherited Cobain’s share of the rights to the licenses and royalties of the band.  Some estimate that this has been worth over $100 million – not bad for just two years of marriage.

The Claims and Death of El Duce

Courtney Love’s husband, Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain, was found dead in the greenhouse above the garage of his Lake Washington home on the 8th of April 1994.

Death Kurt Cobain - Suicide House
Kurt Cobain’s Lake Washington home where he allegedly committed suicide. (Source WMC)

Shortly after the death of Kurt Cobain, a musician, Eldon Hoke soon started to spread the story to several news channels that Courtney Love had offered to pay him to kill her husband.

In 1996, Hoke passed a lie detector test when claiming that Love had offered him 50,000 dollars to murder Kurt Cobain. In his interview in the Kurt and Courtney film, recorded on April 11, 1997, Eldon Hoke, also known as “El Duce”, again asserted that Love had offered him $50k to kill Kurt Cobain.

Incredibly, Hoke, was soon found dead on the railroad tracks in Riverside, California on April 19, 1997—just eight days after his final performance and one day after recording his interview with Nick Broomfield for the Kurt & Courtney documentary. Sources claim that Hoke was fully “decapitated in the ‘incident’. Hoke’s demise was quickly labelled an accident due to the high levels of alcohol in his blood.

An Artists Impression of El Duce - Death of Kurt CobainThe timing of his’ accident’ just 8 days after the ‘Kurt and Courtney’ interview has led people to speculate that his death was linked to the statements he made during the interview. They go on to suggest that his continued existence could have prompted the investigation to be reopened and that what he could tell the police would have broken open the mystery surrounding the case.

Where does Dewitt fit into this

This is not clear at all.  Michael Dewitt was allegedly a former boyfriend of Courtney’s and was jealous of Kurt. According to Tom Grant, Dewitt was Courtney’s puppet and would do what she told him to do.  For a while he worked as Kurt & Courtney’s male nanny even though he was said to be a known heroin user.

Kurt Cobain – Soaked in Bleach Movie

The movie Soaked in Bleach, which came out in 2015, was a documentary about the death of Kurt cobain. It made an interesting case that the police department was entirely too quick to declare his death a suicide.

In the movie, Kurt Cobain’s widow Courtney Love is portrayed as a manipulative, drug-addled murderer who was responsible for her husband’s death. The movie is a dramatization of what allegedly happened to Kurt Cobain and why it has been shrouded in mystery since his death. The movie is based on an investigative report by Nick Broomfield called Kurt & Courtney: The Truth About A Murder? In the movie, Broomfield interviews all kinds of people involved with the case including several of Courtney Love’s friends and associates who suggest that she was responsible for Kurt’s death.

New Twist – Courtney Love Settles Kurt Cobain Guitar Murder Plot Lawsuit

If you are a fan of Nirvana and the late Kurt Cobain, you may have heard that Courtney Love, Cobain’s widow, has recently settled a lawsuit from a man who claims she wanted to have him killed or kidnapped over one of Kurt’s guitars. The story which was published in the Hurriyet Daily News, the Daily Mail and Billboard Magazine online asserts that Isaiah Silva, the ex-husband of Love’s daughter believes that Love orchestrated a plot to extort the guitar from his possession. The instrument, a D-18E Martin, later sold at auction in Los Angeles for a whopping $6 million.

For the record, Courtney Love, has always insisted that she was not involved in any way with the alleged incidents at Silva’s home or with the death of Kurt Cobain and strongly rejects the speculation and suggestions made by various people.


The question of Kurt Cobain’s death still remains unanswered. It is unlikely that the truth will ever be found. However, as of 2022 Investigator Tom Grant’s website statement still read: “No legal, criminal or civil, action has ever been taken against myself or anyone in the media who has covered this story.”

Source: Tom Grant PI,

In fairness though to Courtney Love, after two movies, several books and countless articles, what would be the point of legally challenging the claims. The costs involved in legal actions would likely never be recovered.  Finally, if it was murder, it should be noted that there were many other people with a motive for wishing to see Cobain leave this world.  For example, authors David Southwell and Graeme Donald identify both the record industry and the so called military-industrial complex as possible conspirators.

Header photo Credit (Derivative) Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

The Rendlesham Forest Incident

The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident


The Rendlesham Forest Incident (RFI) refers to a series of alleged sightings and events, including the UFO sighting by three United States Air Force personnel in Rendlesham Forest near RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk, England. Considered by many as Britain’s most famous UFO case, it remains one of the most well-documented accounts of a reported military encounter with an unidentified flying object on record.


Rendlesham Forest is a royal forest in Suffolk, England which covers about 3,000 acres (12 km2) of land. Today, the “Rendlesham Forest” is most connected with the UFO incident, a succession of reported sightings of unexplained lights and the alleged landing of a craft or multiple craft of mysterious origin.

The area has been an important site for centuries: it was used by people from prehistory through to the modern day; Romans settled here; it was part of King John’s hunting grounds in 1215; it was where Henry VIII hunted deer in 1552 and 1601 and is today open to the public as a recreation area.


The first sighting of an unidentified object occurred over this forest on December 26th 1980. At around 3:30am UK time, two USAF security officers (Jim Penniston and John Burroughs) were patrolling the base when they saw an object in the sky radiating light beams down to the ground. They stopped their vehicle and got out to investigate further. As they did so they noticed that it wasn’t actually moving but instead hovering above them at about 100ft altitude before suddenly disappearing into thin air leaving behind a strange odour described as smelling like burning metal or rubber and giving off radiation which caused Burroughs’ Geiger counter to go off scale for about 10 minutes afterwards


The Rendlesham Forest Incident is one of the most famous UFO sightings in history. The events occurred over three nights in 1980 at two sites in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England: RAF Woodbridge and the nearby USAF military base RAF Bentwaters.

The first night of the incident was December 26th 1979 and usually referred to as the ‘Bentwaters’ sighting.  However, both nights centred around reports of lights in trees and the landing or hovering of an unknown craft over the base.  These were witnessed by multiple observers including military personnel who claimed they saw an unidentified craft at close range.

On the third night there were further reports of UFOs at the nearby RAF Woodbridge base, but this time they were tracked on radar by USAF personnel who allegedly also photographed them on infrared camera equipment. Witnesses claimed these objects moved fast through sky above the treetops before disappearing into forest below only moments later after being sighted by air traffic controllers at Stansted airport near London who confirmed that no aircraft were airborne in area at time of sighting


Three days after the incident, Lieutenant Colonel Charles I. Halt submitted a memo to his commanding officer stating that he had observed lights through binoculars at close range and that they were red, blue and amber in colour.

The UFO he saw was depicted as being “as big as an aircraft” but made no sound until it accelerated away from the base at high speed. He also said that there were other objects in the sky above him which he could not identify because of their distance, but seemingly appeared to be under intelligent control.

Halt’s memo was forwarded to the Ministry of Defence by Lieutenant General Sir Arthur Walker, who headed up Britain’s Joint Air Staff during the early 1980s. In 1991 Walker wrote an article for a British military journal called “Military Review”, in which he mentioned this encounter while discussing UFOs.

Rendlesham Holt Memorandum


As with any investigation, the testimony that you get from witnesses will be crucial. In this case, there were two witnesses: Jim Penniston and John Burroughs. They were interviewed separately by different people, both under the Official Secrets Act and by the Ministry of Defence.


Experts agreed that the testimony of the witnesses was consistent, credible, experienced, and reliable. In short, they were not lying.

At the time, the MOD later released a statement saying that they had no knowledge of any UFO incidents in Rendlesham Forest but did admit to finding a damaged missile during an exercise at RAF Woodbridge on December 27th, 1980.  In 2010, the Anglian Times newspaper reported that several servicemen had come forward with claims that during this time a number of nuclear weapons stored at the base had been tampered with by an unknown force or intruder.

Correspondence sent by one of the men who saw the lights in Rendlesham forest claimed that “nothing has been proved” as far as UFOs are concerned; however this does not mean he believes what he saw was actually real or fake. This could be because he was told not to talk about it by his superiors after reporting it; thus allowing us to conclude that there are still many unanswered questions regarding this incident.


After the incident, investigations were conducted by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) and USAF authorities. The MoD investigation was headed by Squadron Leader Donald Moreland USAF, who had been assigned to RAF Bentwaters since 1977 as a liaison officer. His report concluded that the sightings were caused by an unusual light phenomenon called “temperature inversion”.

RAF Bentwaters Control TowerThe report was not published in its entirety because it contained sensitive information about nuclear weapons being stored at Bentwaters/Woodbridge bases. However, some parts of his report were later released under freedom of information legislation. In these released sections he stated that he had come to his conclusions based on an analysis of witness testimony and photographic evidence but did not consider radar data or scientific reports about possible causes for visual phenomena such as ball lightning.


On December 26th, 1980, Suffolk police received reports from two separate witnesses of a strange light in the sky. One witness, who was an Air Force security policeman stationed at RAF Woodbridge, claimed to have seen a bright object circling near the base and moving over nearby woods.

The second witness was a police constable who was called to the scene by another member of the public. He reported seeing a “red glow” in Rendlesham Forest, which he described as “unusual.”

The incident is one of the most famous UFO sightings ever recorded, but it wasn’t until recently that it became known that there were actually multiple reports made on that night—a fact that had been kept secret for 30 years by both the British Ministry of Defence (MOD) and Suffolk Police.

The log states that three uniformed police officers were sent to the forest to investigate a UFO sighting reported by two USAF security personnel. At 2:15am one of the police officers reported watching lights moving through the trees and claimed he could hear a high-pitched noise which sounded like an electric motor. He also reported that he felt very cold while investigating the event phenomenon.

At 6:20am two men from RAF Bentwaters arrived at the site and were accompanied by two civilian photographers who had been sent by the Ministry of Defence (MOD). They took photographs of the area where there were large impressions in the ground which appeared to have been made by heavy machinery or something similar.

The Suffolk police log was not made public until it was released under the Freedom of Information Act following extensive work by UK UFO expert Dr David Clarke and his colleagues to obtain declassified documents relating to UFOs from various agencies in Britain.


Analysis of the event by investigators concluded that it was an unidentified flying object (UFO), now referred to as a UAP (Unknown Aerial Phenomenon) and that there was no evidence to suggest it was a meteor, helicopter, comet, fireball, aircraft, or weather balloon.  There was some speculation that it might have been the beams from the Orford Ness lighthouse, but this has been debunked on many occasions.

The incident was also analysed by civilian scientists from nearby Woodbridge Hospital who concluded that “[the UFO] definitely could not have been a helicopter based on its lights.”

According to Dr. David Clarke in his book The UFO Files: The Inside Story of Real-Life Sightings (1999): “The hospital’s conclusions were very similar to those of USAF Scientific Advisor Dr. J Allen Hynek [who] believes Rendlesham is one of only six genuine ‘close encounters’ on British soil.”


In the decades since the incident, the Rendlesham Forest Incident has been the subject of several investigations, most of which have concluded that the sighting was likely a misidentification of known aircraft or natural phenomena. Investigators often conclude that witnesses are unreliable and suggest that they are hoaxers.

Although some sceptics dismiss most UFO sightings as mistaken identification of mundane phenomena, some UFO researchers consider this case to be an exception to this trend due to its high-strangeness factor and sheer number of witnesses. This view is supported by former UK Ministry for Defence (MoD) investigator Nick Pope who interviewed many personnel who served at RAF Bentwaters and Woodbridge from 1980–1984. In his book Open Skies Closed Minds (1997), he wrote: “There were enough eyewitnesses within or associated with Bentwaters/Woodbridge…to make [the] Rendlesham Forest incident one of the best-corroborated UFO cases on record.”


The Rendlesham Forest UFO Trail is a series of monuments and markers, erected by local people and the Forestry Commission, which tell the story of the December 1980 UFO sightings. The trail starts at the old USAF base at Bentwaters on Warren Hill.

The Rendlesham Forest UFO MonumentAt this point on your tour you can follow the path into Rendlesham Forest itself, where there are two more memorials dedicated to what happened there during December 1980. One is called “The Triangular Zone”, which marks where most witnesses reported seeing triangular craft hovering over trees during their encounters with something unknown.


The Rendlesham Forest Incident has never been explained. The British government denies any ET involvement, and the U.S. government has classified all documents related to the incident as “above top secret” since 1988. These two facts are enough to keep any UFO conspiracy theorist busy for a lifetime, but they don’t necessarily mean that aliens were involved in this incident. Perhaps it was some kind of military experiment that went awry? Perhaps there was some kind of natural occurrence or atmospheric disturbance? Perhaps—and this is a long shot—the whole thing was an elaborate hoax perpetrated by someone who wanted attention or money? Whatever happened in 1976, it doesn’t seem like we’ll ever know for sure what caused those lights and imprints in the woods outside RAF Bentwaters.  And … that’s how the authorities seem to want to keep it.

The Cannock Chase Werewolf

The Werewolf of Cannock Chase


You may have heard of heard of Dracula, the Nosferatu and even watched the Underworld Lycan films, but there’s one monster that has been left out of the spotlight so far —the Werewolf of Cannock Chase.

That’s right: the Cannock Chase Beast, as it was originally known, is also a werewolf. And this isn’t just any old werewolf we are talking about here; we are talking about one of the most famous and well-documented cases in British history!


To understand this creature, we must travel back through time to the year 1727 when a young boy was murdered in a small village outside of Staffordshire, England. His body revealed evidence of an attack by a creature with huge fangs and claws that tore out his throat and chest while he was still living.

This was not the only attack reported from this location; there were others before it and more to come after it too. During the 18th century, a shepherd named Thomas Bateman was returning home late one night when he claimed to have seen two werewolves fighting near Cannock Chase in the Midlands of England. He described them as “hairy and black as coal”, with extended claws and dreadful teeth. Bateman said that one of the creatures killed the other before fleeing into the darkness.

One hundred years later another sighting took place but this time it involved two people who saw their friend attacked by what looked like a wolf but turned into a man before their eyes! More sightings followed throughout history.

The Werewolf of Cannock Chase is a cryptid that has been said to be sighted in the area for many years. The creature is described as being roughly seven feet tall and having a human-like face and hands instead of paws.

This phenomenon has been reported by many people over the last decade, with some saying they saw it while driving along the road at night. However, there are no photos or evidence available as proof whether or not this creature exists.

In a recent report, a Cannock resident argued that they witnessed “a creature with the head of a wolf and the body of a man” walking through their garden during the month of July. Another sighting was made by two men who saw something they described as “bigger than a bear” while they were driving on the Cannock Chase road at night. The beast was said to be covered in fur and had red eyes. Perhaps most notably, another witness came forward with what they believed was photographic evidence: an image captured on camera after spotting something moving through woods during daylight hours.

There were many strange things happening at Castle Ring in the mid-1800s. The most famous of these is the account of a mysterious and terrifying presence that haunted the castle’s dining hall, where it was said to materialize and then disappear without warning or explanation.


A popular site for paranormal activity, the Castle Ring is a large circular earthwork in Cannock Chase. It is thought to have been constructed around 600 BC, although there is no archaeological evidence to prove this. It was first recorded by William Camden in 1607 and has become popular with paranormal enthusiasts due to its supposed connection with werewolf sightings.

Cannock Chase Castle RingThe Cannock Chase Post, a local newspaper actually ran a story in which it was suggested that the werewolf sightings could actually be a ‘underground stone-age throwback’.  The theory goes that the creatures could have lived and flourished for centuries in the old mines and caves under Cannock Chase hills.  It’s possible that they only emerge at night when the come to the surface to hunt for local deer amongst the stone age barrows and earthworks.

It is definitely true that there have been many cases of domestic pet disappearances in the area, particularly near to the old German War cemetery.


The Beast of Cannock Chase has been roaming the forest for centuries, but if you’re determined to see it for yourself, don’t go looking for it on just any night of the month. It’s said that on certain days of the year, like Halloween and New Year’s Eve, you can see the werewolf’s glowing eyes—and even smell its stench—when you visit Cannock Chase in Staffordshire.

The werewolf of Cannock Chase remains a popular topic of conversation and folklore to this day. Stories and sightings continue to come in, and the beast has starred in an award-winning local film. Not in person – of course.


The Cannock Chase is a forest in Staffordshire, England. Along with its haunted abbey and cave system, it has gained notoriety for many legends over the years, including several ghost stories and one particularly chilling werewolf tale.

The Cannock Chase Werewolf began its life as legend but was later transformed into a local urban legend. Today, it remains one of Britain’s most famous werewolves.