Secrets of the Dollar Bill

Symbols on Money - Secrets of the Dollar

Symbols on money can tell us a lot about its secrets and origin. There is definitely something strange and weird about the USA Dollar. From hidden secrets and symbols to cataclysmic prophecies the Dollar has it all. Just have a look at this initial collection of bizarre findings. Please note that there are so many secrets that we’ve classified this as a “live” page which means we’ll keep adding to it.

These secrets only seem to appear in the Dollar currency. We’ve looked for similar effects in the Pound, the Rupee, the Euro and even the Rand without any success. However, with the Dollar we just keep on finding them! After Months of study we can honestly say that the Dollar is the most complex, intelligent, intricate, mysterious and beautiful of currencies. It is the perfect representation of Art and Science.

Dollar Bill Symbols


Symbols on Money: Prophecy of doom or an incitement to terrorism?

We first saw this in an email but checked it out for ourselves. This is an ordinary 20 Dollar banknote that we had in one of our wallets. It was first printed in 1928 and is known as the “Jackson Bill”. The version shown in the images was printed in 2003 (after the 9/11 attacks but the image of the White House is essentially the same as in earlier versions). We are trying to access an original 1928 bill and to see if the effect described below is the same.

20 Dollar Bill 2006 Version
20 Dollar Bill 911 First Fold
20 Dollar 911 Second Fold
20 Dollar 911 Fully Folded


There is a further oddity when it comes to symbols on money such as the Dollar. The lines of the folds overlay two of the same large letters twice -“EA EA”. This is said to represent the first level of the Masonic Rite and stands for Entered Apprentice.

If you align the cross hairs correctly, the gap on the right matches precisely with 90 degrees of the 3 x 30 3rd degree of a master mason before ascending to Chapter.

Symbols on Money - 20 Dollar Bill The Entered Apprentice

Secrets of the Dollar

Much has been written on the Internet about the number thirteen and its relationship to the secrets of the Dollar Bill. A lot of it is Interesting but some of it may take you in the wrong direction! Here is some new information. There are five numbers that repeat themselves with noticeable regularity. They are: 3, 6, 9, 12 and 13. The first four (quarters) are all linear multipliers of three (3) and represent the geometric thirds and the original Trinity. (An important concept in deep Masonic teachings; hence the title – a 33 degree Mason – the highest rank.)

They are also the proportions of the “Golden Mean” which was so important to Da Vinci “The Real Da Vinci Code” and the Fibonacci sequence and considered the “Natural Miracle of proportions”. One source claims that this is part of the Great Secret that is only usually revealed to a “32 degree Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret” in preparation for his ascent to the position of 33 degrees.)

They are also the parametres of the parallelogram grid used to design all else on the Dollar Bill. Why? Take any number in the universe and divide it by three (3) and it will repeat to Infinity. This is believed to be the Masonic interpretation of the Divine. Proof of the existence of the “Great Architect”. So why was 13 so important? It dates back to the existence of two organisations – The Knights Templar and the Knights Hospitaller. Both were Christian Warrior Orders established to protect pilgrims to Jerusalem. (Please bear with us and do your own research as we are trying to cram a thousand pages into a few paragraphs.)

Dollar 13 Annuit Coeptis
E Pluribus
13 Berries
Dollar 13 Arrows
Dollar 13 Stars
Dollar 13 Stripes
Dollar 13 Steps
Dollar 13 Olive Leaves
Dollar 13 Berry Tail Left
13 Berry Tail Right
Dollar 13 Flourishes
Dollar 13 One PlusThree Thirteen

The Hospitallers stayed “Pious” and today are commonly known as St. John’s Ambulance the Knights Templar introduced the first promissory currency and so became “God’s Bankers”. The word “Banker” originally meant “Holder of Valuables” Their power grew to such an extent that they potentially threatened both the Roman Catholic Pope Clement V and the French King Philip IV. On Friday the “13th” of October 1307 a secret order issued by the Pope to destroy the Order was carried out with vicious efficiency using the excuse of Heresy and Demon worship. Most of the Templar wealth was confiscated but a significant proportion was saved. The persecution of the Knights had been worst in France where it benefited the French King but in other countries remnants survived.

What happened to the wealth of the Knights Templar is uncertain. It is one of the great unsolved secrets. There is an interesting coincidence that some of the first references to the Freemasons (1390) start to appear shortly after the original persecution. There are also a number of similarities between the two organisations. Both have a physical and symbolic link to the Temple of Solomon, both have a strong belief in a supreme being, both have ritual secrets and both have a focus on living an honourable life and doing charitable works. Finally, both organisations have always seemed to been associated with banking. Terry Pratchett, in his novel “Making Money” reminds us that banks often look like temples.  Symbols on money remind us of its origin and its value.

Dollar Bill United America 13

People who look for hidden symbols on money, particularly the Dollar, often refer to the magic “Fluorescent 13 and Washington Image”. It can apparently be created by scanning a Dollar Bill (in an older model scanner) and shining an ultra violet light on the bill only. The rest of the screen should be masked off with black paper. Once the scan is done the image is put through a series of “curve” and “contrast” adjustments in Photoshop until the tint is revealed. The new colours are then overlaid on the original scan that has been colour inverted and merged. The result is supposed to look like the picture above. We tried this without success so the above image is an artist’s impression. The position of the three is supposed to represent the Fountain of Knowledge.

The Secret 13

We could write books about the discovery of America by the Europeans and there would still be debate. It is fair to say that the actions of Christopher Columbus in 1492 – 1493 did create a wide awareness that a continent did indeed exist across the Atlantic. The years that followed saw several of the great “Old World” countries take a significant colonial interest in the “New World”. Between 1492 and 1776 the Spanish, Dutch, French and British all laid claims to various parts of the land mass. During the period 1720 and 1776 two interesting developments coincided. It was during this period that the Freemason movement gained significant numbers and strength and at the same time the desire for independence was growing stronger in the American Colonies.

A theory about the origins of the Dollar Bill and Great Seal is This: Many people had moved to the New world in order to live safe from the “Royal and Religious prejudice of Europe”. It is highly likely that amongst these people were influential descendants of the both Freemasons and the Knights Templar. (Perhaps the Freemasons were the descendants of the Templars) Core to their beliefs was the creed that “All Men are Created Equal” and that “Liberty for All” should be part of their eternal “Constitution”. The number 13, the date on which they were originally betrayed, was (and still is) built into all their works as a warning to future generations. It even dictated the original number of States.

As such, the designers of the original Great Seal, and those who continue to design the USA Currency (the treasury department), still include many geometric and image-based symbols on money that add to the mystery of the Dollar. Possibly the descendants of “God’s Bankers” still included the number 13 to remind their descendants that betrayal can happen at any time…. (Please note that the current One dollar bill was printed in 1963 – the first One dollar Bill was printed in 1862.)

(The One dollar Bill was first printed in 1862.)

This is one of the most commonly known secret symbols on money. Hidden in the top left curve of the shield shape that surrounds the number one is a tiny deviation from the geometric web.

This shape is called The spider or sometimes the Owl. It certainly does not appear to be an accident of design but a deliberate modification of the underlying web or mesh pattern If you then examine the matching number one on the opposite side a simulation o a spider’ web becomes clear.

Neither the “Spider” nor the “Web” are perfect representations. This may be that to make them so would have revealed them too easily when the note was first being designed. It is also said that if you rotate the image it becomes the sign of Piracy – The skull and cross bones.

US Dollar Spider Example


This is one of the most commonly known “secrets” of the Dollar Bill. Hidden in the top left curve of the shield shape that surrounds the number one is a tiny deviation from the geometric web.

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JFK Umbrella Man

The JFK Umbrella Man - Still Unsolved?

On the 22nd November 1963 one of America’s most important and controversial presidents was sitting in the back of a 1961 Lincoln Continental four door convertible as it made a wide turn onto Elm Street at Dealey Plaza, Dallas.  His journey was part of his official tour of Texas and a great many people had lined the roads to see their president pass by.  As the car rolled through the open grassy area of Dealey Plaza a man standing by the side of the road opened an umbrella even though it was a bright sunny day with no sign of rain.  Seconds later John F. Kennedy was shot and killed becoming the 4th United States President to be assassinated.


The Umbrella Man perfectly positioned to fire a flechette at JFK. Note the umbrella is open and the umbrella rib is aligned with the President.

As the motorcade accelerated away and raced for Parkland Memorial Hospital the Umbrella Man stood motionless for a few moments, calmly closed his umbrella and sat down on the pavement.  For a few minutes he spoke to another mysterious man before coolly walking away in the direction of the Texas Book Depository – the building from where Lee Harvey Oswald had allegedly fired the shots that killed Kennedy.  All of this has been recorded on film.


Picture of the Umbrella Man siting on the retaining wall / upper pavement kerb moments before he walked of in the direction of the Texas Book Depository – the same direction in which he is looking in the image.

At the time the Umbrella Man and his actions were overlooked by the Secret Service who were more concerned with trying to protect their already dead president.  However, as the investigation began photos and films of the event were studied the Umbrella Man became a person of interest and significant covert efforts were made to find him.  They failed and were not pursued as officially Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone shooter.


There are several key theories as to the purpose of the Umbrella Man.  Most believe he was part of the conspiracy and was there to signal to the shooters that Kennedy was definitely in the car and which car he was in.  Other people believe that the umbrella was actually used to shoot a dart (flechette) at the President to disable him.  A third group believe he was there with an umbrella so that the shooters could judge the wind direction – an essential in sniper marksmanship.

This article isn’t about whether these theories are true or not.  It is about whether the presence of the Umbrella Man has ever been properly explained.


If the Umbrella Man still hasn’t been accurately identified after 50 years then it must be assumed that his actions on that day were sinister and therefore so were those of the Dark Complected man.  This would confirm that there was a far more elaborate plot behind the assassination of JFK and it is therefore probable that this has been covered up by various authorities.  If the Umbrella Man has been identified then it is one less bullet in the smoking gun of the conspiracy theorists.


At the time of Kennedy’s death the media was strangely willing accepted the official story that Oswald had been a lone-shooter with psychological issues and a hatred of America.  However, the general public spontaneously felt that there was something horribly wrong with the official version of events.

It is often overlooked but critically important that at the time of the assassination the CIA was very active with Operation Mockingbird – a programme designed to control and manipulate the mainstream American media.  This programme was not wound down until 1965 and officially shut down until 1976 after George W. Bush was appointed head of the CIA in the same year.  Still, many people including historians, government researchers, publishing houses and the news media themselves believe the programme was continued under another name.


During the 15 years following the assassination of JFK numerous individuals – from the public and government – tried to piece together the true story of what happened in Dallas on 22nd November 1963.  The Warren Commission (1963/64) had failed dismally to convince the public that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone and The Jim Garrison investigation (1966/69) revealed so many unanswered questions that around 50% of all Americans became convinced that the death of Kennedy was the result of a wide reaching conspiracy and that Oswald, as he had claimed, was just a patsy in a greater but covert political struggle.

The House Select Committee on Assassinations was established in 1976 to deal with the public concerns over the Kennedy assassination as well as the more recent assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.  The committee, based on acoustic recordings of the gunfire, concluded that Kennedy was probably assassinated as the result of a conspiracy but not by any of the groups being proposed in almost all of the popular conspiracy theories of the time.


During the House Select Committee on Assassinations pamphlets were issued asking for information about various people who had been present at the shooting.   A man by the name of Louie Steven Witt was identified by his friends as the Umbrella Man and this became known to the media and then the authorities.  Witt then voluntarily agreed to attend the HSCA hearings to assist the investigation and, in part, to clear his name.

He asserted he was, at the time, employed by the Rio Grande Insurance Company and had opened the umbrella as a protest against Joseph Kennedy’s policy of appeasement with regard to Germany prior to WWII. He stated that John Kennedy, who had written a paper ‘Why England Slept’ regarding Neville Chamberlin’s appeasement of Adolf Hitler while at university, would recognise the umbrella as a metaphor for political weakness.

Witt later stated:  I think if the Guinness Book of World Records had a category for people who were at the wrong place at the wrong time, doing the wrong thing, I would be No. 1 in that position, without even a close runner-up.”

Witt even produced an umbrella that he claimed was the same one he had opened 15 years earlier and that seemed to close the mystery of the Umbrella Man.

Bullet trajectories at assassination of JFK – 3 Shooter Model – agreed to be the most practical and certain of achieving success.


The assassination of JFK has to be one of the most studied and debated events in modern history.  A number of these researchers very seriously doubt that Witt was the real Umbrella Man.  These are the main reasons why:

Not even the pro-debunking HSCA was overly convinced.

During their questioning, members of the House Select Committee on Assassinations seemed to treat Mr Witt with some amusement as if they had already discounted the importance of the ‘umbrella Man’ in the assassination. However, one committee member – Mr. Fauntroy – suggested that in the films and photos Witt had acted with exceptional calm.  He stated: I must admit that my reaction to the picture by which you were ultimately identified was one of a very cool cat, That is, you look rather cool there to me.”  By this line of questioning Fauntroy was challenging whether the Umbrella Man and Witt were indeed the same individual.  When the other members of the committee couldn’t be bothered to pursue this questioning the matter was allowed to pass.

To Investigate or Debunk?

It is generally agreed that one of the main purposes of the HCSA was to debunk ‘crazy’ theories regarding both assassinations.  With regard to Witt, the umbrella, his position, his behaviour after the event and his apparent 15 year absence the HSCA investigated the matter further by doing absolutely nothing!
Witt was never formally investigated or deposed.  Members of Witt’s family and friends were never formally questioned.  There is no evidence that any government agency checked out his story in any way.  The age of the umbrella displayed was never forensically confirmed. Detailed statements of the event he witnessed were never taken.   In fact, the HSCA seemed to have accepted Witt’s testimony as gospel and allowed him to swiftly return to the obscurity from where he came.  This incredible investigative omission is perhaps the most bizarre and mysterious aspect of the case.

Not obviously the same person

A careful digital comparison of the Umbrella Man in the photos and films recorded on the 22nd November 1963 and Louie Steven Witt remains inconclusive.  Even with digital enhancement it has not been possible to prove photographically that they are one and the same person.

We only have Witt’s word for it!

Witt’s statement that he was the Umbrella Man has never been able to be corroborated by any other individual other than Witt himself.

Why did Witt take so long to come forward?

According to Witt he was a very private individual and took little interest in JFK or the assassination after the event.  It was only when the HSCA put out pamphlets calling for witnesses and information that he realised he was the mysterious Umbrella Man.  Although this statement was blindly accepted by the HSCA this seems patently absurd in retrospect.  Psychologists point out that he was one of the closest people to the presidential car when Kennedy was shot and the event and would have had a major emotional impact.  In light of this it seems absurd and unbelievable that Witt would not have followed the case in the media and been aware of the conspiracy theories that were emerging.  Indeed, people from Dallas recall the assassination being one of the main topics of conversation for many years after the event with people often recalling exactly where they were when the president was killed and what they were doing at the time.  Not a single individual has ever come forward to state that Witt had previously commented that he had been in Dealey Plaza and that he was the Umbrella Man.

The contradiction in Witt’s testimony

In his testimony Witt Stated:

“As I was moving forward I apparently had this umbrella in front of me for some few steps. Whereas other people I understand saw the President shot and his movements; I did not see this because of this thing in front of me, the next thing I saw after I saw the car coming down the street, down the hill to my left, the car was just about at a position like this [indicating] at this angle here. At this time there was the car stopping, the screeching of tires, the jamming on of brakes, motorcycle patrolman right there beside one of the cars. One car ran upon the President’s car and a man jumped off and jumped on the back. These were the scenes that unfolded as I reached the point to where I was seeing things.”


This the photograph that proves that Louie Steven Witt lied to the House Select Committee on Assassinations when he stated he never actually saw Kennedy shot.

This was an incredible statement to make (and be believed) as the photographic evidence clearly challenges Witt’s description of his actions at the exact time when the shots were fired.  It is obvious to anyone who has viewed the films taken on the day that the Umbrella Man was already in position with the umbrella open (and raised in the air) prior to the shots being fired.  Moreover, he would have had the best personal view of the assassination of almost anyone there.

What’s in a name?

Here’s an interesting piece of cold war spy stuff that not many people know about yet.  Apparently secret agencies have a fascination with names and puns.  Just take a look at some of the secret project names that have been dreamt up over the years:

Operation Mincemeat was about using a dead body as a decoy during WWII to fool the Germans into thinking the allies would attack Greece instead of Italy.  Status: Very Successful

Operation Paperclip was about rounding up Nazi scientists and their documents after WWII and smuggling them to America. Status: incredibly Successful

Operation Mongoose was about Kennedy’s agents hunting down Communist ‘snakes’ in Cuba and getting rid of them. Status: Very but not completely successful.

Project Acoustic Kitty was about wiring up cats with electronic bugging devices and slipping them into soviet bases.  Status: Suspended

Project Oxcart was a joke on the idea of a really slow form of transport.  The actual project was a CIA competition to develop the fastest and highest flying spy plane – the Lockheed A12. Status: incredibly Successful

Apparently these names do have a purpose which is as a form of code that other agencies will understand.  More about this another time.
Just for fun then take the name Louie Steven Witt.  Louie means Warrior – Steven means to surround or encompass and Wit(t) translates to white. Roughly interpreted then the name could read: The soldier that covers everything white = The Whitewasher.  Now that is a coincidence.


Can you find anything on the internet or in books that tells anything more about Witt than was revealed at his testimony? Here are the facts that are missing:

• No page on Wikipedia (2015)
• No Interviews with friends and Family
• No Biography about his life before the Assassination
• No Biography about his life after the Assassination

A researcher could be forgiven for wondering if Witt was spirited away after the hearings and put into a witness protection programme or if Witt every really existed at all.
In fact, the only thing you will find is his tiny Obituary which reads:

Louie was born on October 20, 1924 and passed away on Monday, November 17, 2014. Louie was a resident of Rockwall, Texas.

Well he did say he was a very private person!


Was Witt the Umbrella Man?  It’s possible but seems extremely unlikely.  If computer analysis could not match Witt’s Face to the images in the film and photos it seem incredible that a few friends could do this 15 years after the event.  Also, even if Witt had shunned away from the assassination after the event out of shame or fear his Dallas friends certainly hadn’t.  Why had they failed to identify him before?  Perhaps if people had more information about Witt and the authorities had examined his life as they did to Oswald and Ruby then the public would know a lot more today than they do.  Strangely, the media grabbed the story and ran with it without seeming to challenge it at all.  At best this was very lazy journalism and at worst it suggests they had a motive not to dig deeper.

It seems as if the mystery of the Umbrella Man isn’t quite solved after all.

Callanish Stone Circles

Stone Circles UK - The Top Ten

UK Stone Circles – The Top Ten

Britain has some of the best stone circles and Neolithic sites in the World. They’ve inspired the imagination of historians, archaeologists and even poets. These prehistoric sites represent the very first civilisations in the UK and Europe and are still the subject of debate and mystery.

Archaeologists tend to agree that they were used for religious rituals and even burials but … they aren’t certain that this was their main purpose. They’ve been linked to ancient druids, ghosts, crop circles and even alien visitations.

Stone Circles UK, such as Stonehenge would have required the efforts of hundreds if not thousands of people to build so there is no doubt they were of extraordinary importance. This is our list of the top ten stone circles in the Country.

Castlerigg Stone Circle (Cumbria UK)

Castlerigg is located at the summit of a low hill and surrounded by a natural amphitheatre of larger peaks including Blencathra, Skiddaw, and Lonscale Fell. This makes it one of the most picturesque UK stone circles with striking views of the surrounding landscape.

Castlerigg - Stone Circles UK
Castlerigg Stone Circle

The circle is 30 metres wide and is officially made up of 40 megaliths. However, the exact number is uncertain as erosion has revealed some four additional stones that may have once been upright or were perhaps only ever used for packing the larger megaliths.

Dating back to around 3000BC it is one of the oldest stone circles UK. Archeo-astronomers have studied the site and believe that they have discovered a number of significant alignments. In particular, they believe that certain of the stones are specifically associated with the position of the midwinter sunrise and the orbit of the Moon. As with all other stone circles the exact reason for Castlerigg’s construction remains a mystery.

Arbor Low Stone Circles UK (Derbyshire)

Arbor Low is a flattened Neolithic stone circle located in the Peak District of the UK. The site is privately owned but managed by English Heritage and dates back to circa 2500BC. It’s comprised of around 50 limestone megaliths which were excavated from a nearby Stone Age quarry. In the centre are seven smaller megaliths which create a rough horseshoe shape or cove.

Arbor Low - Stone Circles UK
Arbor Low Stone Circle

Around 1902 a human skeleton was unearthed near to this spot. It is one of the best-preserved prehistoric monuments in Britain and was one of the first to be awarded statutory protection. The site was used as recently as the Bronze Age during which time the outer bank was rebuilt.

Unlike other stone circles in the UK, it seems as if the megaliths were positioned horizontally in a radiating pattern resembling a clock face. No ‘post-holes’ have been discovered and the purpose of this layout remains a mystery. It has recently been the focus of pagan ceremonies and is said to be the axis of many ley-lines.

 Rollright Stone Circle (Warwickshire UK)

The Rollright Stones are on the border between the counties of Warwickshire and Oxfordshire. The main stone circle is made up of 77 megaliths which are known as the King’s Men. Roughly 350 metres to the east is a Neolithic dolmen which is all that remains of an ancient burial chamber. These standing stones are known as the Whispering Knights. 80 metres to the north-east of the main circle is a solitary megalith called The King.

Rollright Stones - Stone Circles Uk
Rollright Stones and Circle

Made of sedimentary rocks, the megaliths have undergone extensive weathering and have been described as ‘lumps of leprous limestone’. The Rollright Stones are associated with many myths and legends. The stones are said to have once been a king and his soldiers who were turned to stone by a witch called mother Shipton.

Folklore claims that the Whispering Knights occasionally disappear, and strange lights appear in their place.  Ongoing stories of witchcraft and pagan rituals are all still associated with this stone circle.

 Long Meg and Her Daughters (Cumbria UK)

Maughanby Stone Circle – nicknamed as ‘Long Meg and Her Daughters’ – dates back to the early Bronze Age around 1500BC and is located in the English county of Cumbria. It’s one of the largest in north-western Europe and consists of 51 stones although there may once have been as many as 70.

Long Meg & Her Daughters - Stone Circles UKLong Meg is a single sandstone monolith located outside of the circle which may have acted as a prehistoric sundial casting a shadow onto the circle of stones to the North East. Long Meg has been engraved with petroglyphs such as a ‘cup and ring’ mark, a spiral and varying concentric circles. The origin of the name is uncertain. Some sources claim Long Meg was a ‘bad’ witch who was turned stone, along with her coven, by a ‘good’ wizard – Michael of Scotland. Other sources suggest it was named after the giantess ‘Meg of Westminster’ who was buried in the North. Both legends tell of a mysterious treasure of gold buried nearby.

The site is believed to be protected by supernatural storms that disturb treasure hunters or other unwelcome visitors

Stanton Drew Stone Circle (Somerset UK)

Stanton Drew is the 3rd largest collection of prehistoric megaliths in England and is made up of three interrelated stone circles. The Great Circle has a circumference of 355 metres and has 26 upright stones.

Stanton Drew - Stone Circles UKArchaeological surveys conducted in 1997 show that the remaining circles were once part of a much larger site which may have extended from the Cove as far as the Neolithic burial site known as Hautville Quoit – a distance of 825 metres. The research also revealed numerous pits that may have been used for megaliths or other ritual purposes.

Legend has it that a wedding party was held on a Sunday but the only musician who would play was the Devil in disguise. At the end of the dance the partygoers were turned to stone for their wickedness.

It’s an important site for pagan weddings and ceremonies. it is quite common to find small offerings hidden in the holes of the stones. It is considered to be very unlucky to remove them.

The Ring of Brodgar (Orkney UK)

The Ring of Brodgar is a Neolithic stone circle and henge on the largest island in Orkney, Scotland. It is situated on a small strip of land between the Lochs of Harray and Stenness and dates back to around 3,300BC.

The stone circle is 104 metres (341 ft) in diameter and the outer henge has a circumference of 418 metres. It’s believed that the Ring of Brodgar initially had 60 megaliths but only 27 currently remain upright. The first official survey of the complex was carried out in 1849 Captain F.W.L. Thomas of HM cutter Woodlark.

Ring of Brodgar - Stone Circles UK
Ring of Brodgar Stone Circle (SSPL)

There are many mysteries associated with the site but perhaps the most interesting is why the human habitation of the nearby ‘Ness of Brodgar’ was suddenly abandoned some 4,300 years ago. It appears as if a vast feast was held at which up to 600 cattle were slaughtered after which the historical and archaeological record fades away. Theories ranging from climate change to a sudden shift in religious beliefs have been put forward but the real reason for the exodus remains elusive.

Callanish Stone Circles (Scotland UK)

The Callanish Stones (Tursachan Chalanais) are located on the west coast of the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides and date back to around 2900BC – although there is some evidence to suggest that Neolithic development of the site dates back even earlier.

Thirteen central stones form a circle roughly 13 metres in diameter at the axis of two stone-demarcated avenues which form the shape of a cross. A single monolith is positioned at the very centre.

Callanish Stone Circles at Sunrise
Callanish Stone Circles at Sunrise (SSPL)

Folklore tales explain that the stones were created when a group of giants rejected Christianity and were turned to rocks by Saint Kieran as a punishment. Another legend refers to the site being associated with the arrival of the “shining One” every Midsummer’s solstice.

The stones have been depicted on an album cover for the band Ultravox and were featured in the 2012 animated film ‘Brave’ which tells the story of a young Scottish Girl and her quest for personal independence. The site is now in the care of Historic Scotland.

 Beaghmore Stone Circle

The Beaghmore stone circles and cairns date back to the late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age periods around 2,000-1,200 BC. They were discovered quite recently in or around 1942 and their magnitude went largely unnoticed due to the disruption caused by WWII.

Beaghmore Stone Circles
Beaghmore Stone Circles (SSPL)

What makes these prehistoric monuments so important is the sheer scale of the complex. It features seven low stone circles of varying sizes, six of which are paired. There are also twelve cairns and ten megalithic rows integrated into the overall layout. One of the circles is highly unusual as it has 800 smaller stones erected inside its perimeter. These have come to be known as the Dragon’s Teeth. More than 1,250 specific stones have been identified making it one of the largest formations of its kind.

The largest cairn was found to contain the branch from an oak tree. Archaeologists believe that only a portion of the total site has been revealed. It is in the care of the Northern Ireland Environment and Heritage Service.

Avebury Circle (Wiltshire UK)

The Avebury Neolithic stone circles are actually larger than Stonehenge and just as mysterious. Dating back to 2600 BC, the complex comprises the main circles, cove, two ceremonial avenues and numerous barrows, tumuli’s and other earthworks. It’s important to modern pagans as a religious site, and is also infamous for strange lights, demon myths, visitations and the barber skeleton mystery.

Avebury Stone Circle
Avebury Stone Circle from the Air (SSPL)

Visitors to Avebury quickly notice that many of the stones have unusual holes that seem to disappear deep into the interior of the megaliths. A question that is often asked is, ‘was this a temple dedicated to a sun god snake cult?’ Many people point out that the arrangement of the avenues and the stone circles creates a distinctive serpentine shape.

The megaliths at Avebury are well known for their complex patterns made from generations of rare lichens. A recent survey noted 32 species on a single Sarsen stone. Read more about Avebury Stone Circle.

Stonehenge (Wiltshire UK)

Stonehenge is Britain’s most important ancient monument and has been recognised as such throughout history. It’s certainly one of the UK’s most important tourist destinations and attracts about 900,000 visitors every year generating about 6.3 million Pounds in direct tourism revenue and as much as 22 million Pounds in direct economic impact.

Stonehenge is a Neolithic monument located in Wiltshire, UK and is probably the most famous Neolithic site in the World. Archaeologists and historians believe it was constructed between 3000 BC and 2000 BC.

Stonehenge Winter Solstice - Stone Circles UK
Stonehenge Winter Solstice (SSPL)

There have been many theories as to why the site was abandoned from around 1800BC. They range from tribal conflicts to sickness and mass depopulation. It does seem that the site diminished in importance at the same time as the arrival of the Beaker People. As those ‘beakers’ were probably used for alcohol it’s ironic to think that Stonehenge may have been superseded by the World’s first bars and pubs.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our top ten UK Stone Circles page.  There are plenty more to visit.

Strange Phenomena - Hyper-Perceptions

11 Strangely Common but Unexplained Phenomenon

The world is full of unexplained phenomena from ESP to spontaneous human combustion but the chances of actually experiencing many of these is tiny.  However, there are unexplained phenomena that are so common that millions of people experience them on a day-to-day basis.  Here’s a list of 11 Strangely Common but Unexplained Phenomenon.


The words “Flimmern” and “Geist” are Germanic in origin and translate as Flicker-Spirits or Flicker-Guides.  This unexplained phenomenon was first described by the alchemist Jakob Bohme in the 16th Century as the ability to see shadowy figures out of the corner of your eye.  Generally, these beings flicker in-and-out of a person’s peripheral vision and appear to be humanoid, dark and agile.

The truth is that almost every person alive has at some time seen a fast-moving shadow just at the edge of their vision and turned to look but seen nothing more.  These observations are most often accompanied by shivers, chills and a sensation that something odd has happened. Scientists are quick to suggest that this phenomenon is just a “trick of the eyes” but fail to explain both how and why.

Flicker SpiritIt is possible that these unexplained apparitions are just the hallucinations of the brain as it tries to decipher the edge of visual perception, but others believe that it is in this marginal zone that the eye and the mind is able to perceive another more paranormal dimension.  These Flickering Spirits are often described as being cloaked but those that have trained themselves to observe this phenomenon simply describe a blurred outline that can easily be mistaken for dark clothing.

The reality is that nobody really knows why or how individuals see these things but there is no doubt that many millions do.  In fact, so many humans see them that they treat them as just-one-of those-things that, you know, just happen.


Worldwide there are literally hundreds of thousands of missing persons and many more disappear every day.  One only has to search Google Images for “Missing People” to appreciate the scale of the problem.

Many of these missing people are found but a significant proportion disappears forever.  Where they went or what happened to them is a mystery in its own right but still not as strange as Vanishing People.

Unexplained Vanishing People
Unexplained Vanishing People (SSPL)

These are individuals that, for no apparent reason, simply vanish in front of witnesses who are at a complete loss to explain what happened.  It is worth noting, as with many other mysteries, that some of these cases have turned out to be hoaxes.  In general, there are a couple consistencies in the most well-known cases that are worth mentioning.

All the people involved were (or appeared to be) content with their lives. All of them were engaged in a normal activity such as running a race or walking through a field when they simply vanished. There are hundreds of well documented cases of people disappearing in mysterious circumstances but actually very few where they simply vanished in full view of other people.


Have you ever woken up in the morning to find strange and unexplained scratches or bruises on your body and in places you couldn’t have reached yourself?  Well … even if you haven’t, millions of others have.  In fact, there are internet forums where people describe the phenomenon and desperately appeal for explanations and help.  (Just google: “strange cuts and scratches” or “mysterious scratches on body”)

Unexplained Scratches
Unexplained Scratches (SSPL)

In most cases the scratches are mild and disappear in a day or two and the vast majority of these cases never get medically reported as the sufferers usually convince themselves that they are somehow self-inflicted.    Others attribute the injuries to bug bites, allergic reactions or even something that happened during the day that they failed to notice at the time.

Usually the incident is forgotten as soon as the bruises vanish or the scratches fade.  However, persistent sufferers go to great lengths to rule out these possibilities. There have been cases of sufferers wearing gloves to bed, fumigating their houses and even taking full medical allergy tests all to no avail.

In one case a woman went to the extreme length of having a friend watch her while she slept and still woke up with new bruises and scratches.  According to her friend nothing strange happened except for a period when the victim tossed and turned restlessly for about 15 minutes.

Doctors try to put forward rational explanations for this condition such as the skin disease Pityriasis Rosea but most of these thoroughly fail to convince those that have actually experienced it happening to them.  The phenomenon has persisted through the centuries and in the past has been explained by demons, having-a-devil-on-your-back, goblin fury, divine punishments and even encounters with incubi or succubae.


Infrasound is described as any audio wave frequency that is lower than 20Hz that can be detected by the human ear.  There is no doubt that Infrasound exists, and it can be both detected and created by audio technology.  It can travel long distances and is often associated with natural phenomena such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.  It may be the reason that animals can anticipate such events before humans can and researchers are now using infrasound detection equipment as part of civil defence early warning systems.  Studies have shown that when humans are exposed to infrasound, they develop feelings of supernatural awe, fear, depression and anxiety that can lead to complete panic attacks.

Animals alerted by Infrasound
Animals alerted by Infrasound (SSPL)

Some researchers have even claimed that the 19Hz cycle is particularly associated with paranormal events and may be a stimulus for disruption of human vision creating the illusion of ghostly perceptions.

If the source of the infrasound is powerful enough it can create vibrations in objects that make them appear to move of their own accord and even cause glass to break.  Infrasound has been used at political rallies to stimulate the crowd, as a psychological weapon to demoralise the enemy and as special effects amplifiers in films.

The effect of Infrasound on the human body is being explored in various studies but, as yet it is not illegal to expose humans to such low frequencies even though the long-term health effects are unknown.


Strange and still-unexplained lights in the sky are a fairly common occurrence and most can be explained as either manmade objects or natural phenomena such as the Aurora Borealis or even shooting stars.

However, there are occasions when the phenomena persist and the mysterious lights that still materialise over Hessdalen in central-eastern Norway are one such case in point. According to various sources they started to appear in 1940 but it was in 1981 that the intensity of these phenomena increased dramatically and started to be recorded by everyday people.  Records show that at certain times there have been 20 reported sightings in just one week.

Unexplained Phenomena - Mysterious Lights
Unexplained Phenomena – Mysterious Lights (SSPL)

The Hessdalen Lights often appear to be balls of gas that have spontaneously ignited in the air. Due to copyright restrictions this is an accurate artists impression based on the events of 1981.

Everyone has a theory as to what might be casing these ’lights-in-the-sky’ phenomena.  Some of the claims include UFO portals, spontaneous combustion of natural gasses, Will-o’-the-wisps, ball lightning, Scandium effects and localised Ionic discharges.


Visual evidence of time slips often appear in old photographs such as the one above. In this case a sports car is seen parked on the side of the street in an image that is clearly taken 100 years before such a vehicle was ever produced. We think that the car is an early Porsche or perhaps a more recent Audi. It’s hard to tell.

Unexplained Phenomena - Time Slips
Unexplained Phenomena – Time Slips (Can you spot it? (C) Clint Pavenu

According to great scientists such as Albert Einstein, time is not as stable as most of us think.  As humans we’re adjusted to time and our evolution has established tricks to allow our conscious minds to deal with it but in reality, it’s a slippery concept.  Time slips occur when a current time (now) interlaces with a previous time (then) and can be experienced by the person from the more recent time.  However, the event is usually unnoticed by the people from the earlier time. What is the evidence for this phenomenon?

Well … plenty if you know where to look.  In fact it is so common that we’ve even built it into the English language.

This has given rise to expressions such as “I could have sworn that I’ve just seen” or “my eyes must be playing tricks on me” or even “you won’t believe what I just saw”.  Over the years people have claimed that they’ve seen old airplanes parked in fields that were once airports or roman soldiers marching down their road.  In almost all cases the person experiencing the time slip blinks, looks again and is startled to find that whatever they saw has now vanished.


Most people will experience Hyper Perception at least once or twice in their lifetime.  This phenomenon usually occurs when a person visits a place they’ve never been before and yet experiences a very strong sense of familiarity.  This should not be confused with déjà vu which is often fleeting and is really just a brief feeling of having seen or done something before.  Hyper Perception is extended when the same person may perceive things about the place that they couldn’t possibly know.  Unlike time slips or déjà vu, the feeling grows stronger the longer they stay and, in some cases, people have reported suddenly being aware of very clear memories of the place from other times often decades or even centuries in the past.

Strange Phenomena - Hyper-Perceptions
Strange Phenomena – Hyper-Perceptions (SSPL)

Tour guides in stately homes or other historic sites have become quite used to people coming up to them and say things like “wasn’t there a statue by that tree” or “didn’t this floor used to be wood?” In many cases the guides will admit that this used to be the case many years ago, but they were moved or renovated. The guides then usually ask how the visitor knew this to which the answer is almost always: “I don’t know I just seem to remember it being that way”. In certain cases people who have experienced very strong hyper perceptions find the experience quite disturbing.


Crop circles – also known as crop formations – are large and often geometric patterns created when crops such as barley, wheat, rye, maize, or rapeseed are flattened creating a distinct colour and light difference in relation to the unaffected vegetation. Historical records indicate that the phenomenon dates back to at least 1686 and possibly much earlier. It has been suggested that the occurrence of these shapes in early Neolithic grasslands may have inspired the construction of the many dozens of stone circles that can still be found in Britain today. During the 1970’s the number of crop circles appearing in fields in South West England increased dramatically and subsequently started to appear around the World.

Unexplained Phenomena - Crop Circles
Unexplained Phenomena – Crop Circles (SSPL)

The County of Wiltshire in England is considered to be the most active region and these formations appear with regularity each year. Over the past decades the designs have become increasingly complex and still remain a mystery as to their origin. Clearly some of the formations are man-made but experts are quick to point out that it is fairly easy to identify these as their construction is often very basic and there is usually evidence of human activity ranging from footprints to vehicle tracks. However, a great many of the formations simply seem to appear as if from out of nowhere – often during the night but occasionally during broad daylight.

Crop circles in Wiltshire often appear at the centre of the county and within a 15-mile radius of the megalithic stone circles of Avebury. They tend to materialise from late April and continue to manifest throughout the summer months of June, July and August.

Mainstream science is generally of the opinion that crop formations are the work of human artists with a few formations being caused by whirlwinds. Researchers into the phenomenon disagree. They point out that while some are clearly created by humans the vast majority have a more complex and mysterious origin. They point out that over 6,000 crop formations have been recorded in Britain alone and yet less than a handful of people have ever admitted to creating them. Also, attempts to record the creation of formations using night vision and time lapse cameras have been largely unsuccessful. Finally, some crop formations have appeared during broad daylight and within a time frame simply too short for human action. The best example was a formation that appeared near Stonehenge in less than 30 minutes. The calculated time it would have taken a team of twenty people to create was six hours at the very least.


The village of Acle in Norfolk experienced a downpour of frogs in such quantities that apparently the people of the village were “sorely inconvenienced”. First the frogs were swept into piles and then carried in pails to a local field for burning. It was said that all were dead when found. (Source: Michell & Rickard: Phenomena) It is worth noting that by far the most common animal sky fall is the humble frog.

Unexplained Phenomena - Rain of Fish
Unexplained Phenomena – Rain of Fish (SSPL)

Gilbert White records that on 21 September 1741 he went to the nearby fields just before dawn to discover that they were covered with a strange cobweb-like substance. Prodding it with a stick he found it to be “as like cobweb but more slippery in nature and although sticking easily to the rod dissolved quickly into nothingness after it had been touched.” He further describes how his dogs became so covered with this material that they had to scrape it from their eyes with their paws.

Later at about nine in the morning Gilbert records that the sky filled with clothes of the same material that was clearly heavier than the air and while he first believed them to be cobwebs soon realised that they were not strands but densely woven and five inches on a side and one to two inches on the other. This phenomenon continued for the better part of an hour and by Gilbert’s estimate covered an area of some 32 square miles and caused much comment.

On Sunday 6th August 2000 the residents of Great Yarmouth in Norfolk discovered that it was raining … fish! Thousands of small ‘Sprats’ were dumped on the town by an unusually fierce storm. Scientists ‘believe’ that the storm of two-inch fish was just a recent example of a rare – but not unheard of – weather phenomenon.

Over the years people have recorded a vast range of bizarre falls from the sky including, cloth, star jelly, snails, nails, fish, stones, dead birds, blood, money, animal parts, beef flakes, golf balls, and even frozen iguanas.  Most of these remain unexplained!


There are places all over the world that claim to have a Zero Origin hum.  The most famous of these is Taos in New Mexico.  The humming can often be heard by many, but not all, people and cannot be traced to its origin.

Strange Phenomena - Unexplained Humming
Zero Origin Humming (SSPL)

A 1973 report mentions a university study of fifty cases of people complaining about a “low throbbing background noise” that others were unable to hear. The sound, always peaking between 30 and 40 Hz, was found to only be heard during cool weather with a light breeze, and often early in the morning. These noises were often confined to a 10-kilometre (6.2 mi) wide area. It’s a steady, droning reverberation that’s heard in places as dissimilar as Taos, N.M.; Bristol, England; and Largs, Scotland.

There have been many suggestions as to the cause of the hum ranging from mental illness to underground military bunkers.  One claim even suggested that it was a form of planetary nervous system.  To this day the sources of these humming noises remain a mystery.


This is not clairvoyance or mystical telepathic powers limited to a few people, but a widespread phenomenon experienced at sometime by almost everybody on the planet.  An example of short-term sixth sense is when a phone rings and you just know who’s calling before you answer.  Another example is when a person will say exactly the words for a thought that had just gone through your mind – even though it might be quite complex.

Short Term Sixth Sense
Short Term Sixth Sense (SSPL)

Short-term Sixth Sense is the inexplicable experience of being able to know something is going to happen moments before it does.  There are thousands of documented cases of people suddenly doing something completely unpredictable that saved their lives or saved others.

Scientist and psychologist claim that this is caused by the brain’s ability to predict likely events at a subconscious level and to take action without the conscious mind appreciating that it has been overridden.  While this can explain some instances of STS, the sheer volume and complexity of these events suggest that something deeper is at work.

UFO Sightings in the UK

Top Ten UFO Sightings in the UK

Top Ten UFO Sightings in the UK

Over the past decades, Britain has had its fair share of strange UFO sightings from flying saucers that landed behind a Welsh school to mysterious black triangles that hovered over RAF air bases. Some of these encounters have caused a media frenzy while others have simply been given amusing nicknames and relegated to the more bizarre pages of the tabloid newspapers. Here’s the top ten ‘Incidents’ from 1954 to 2013.


The Stephen Darbishire Photo: 1954

In America the UFO phenomena of the 1950’s was already gaining significant momentum following the publication in 1953 of the book entitled ‘Flying Saucers Have Landed’ by George Adamski. In 1954 the first major UFO sighting in Britain took place near the village of Torver in the lake District of Cumbria, England.

Stephen Darbishire, the 13-year-old son of a local resident, and Adrian Meyer, his eight-year-old cousin went for a walk to a place overlooking the ‘Old man of Coniston (mountain) taking with them a period Kodak box camera. Stephen claims he felt an unusual urge to keep climbing the hill behind his house. Adrian apparently noticed the UFO first and pointed it out to Stephen who took two, slightly out of focus, photographs. Highly excited by their experience the boys returned home where they were made to write a report for Stephen’s father and draw a sketch of what they’d seen.

UFOs UK - Darbishire Incident
Darbishire Incident Representation

The picture depicted an Adamski-style scout ship. The photos were developed and clearly showed an unusual craft with portholes and bulbous projections suspended beneath it. Dr Darbishire notified the newspapers, and, within days, the boys found themselves at the centre of a media storm. The UFO phenomena had arrived in Britain.

Since this event took place there has been considerable debate regarding the incident. For many it was nothing more than a childish hoax that spiralled out of control and gripped the imagination of the nation. For others it is the first official sighting of a modern-day UFO in Britain. Stephen certainly became quite famous and was even interviewed by the private secretary of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Overwhelmed by the intensity of events, Stephen later announced that it was all a hoax but was then accused of being part of a government cover up. The media frenzy eventually passed and Stephen went one to have a very successful career as an artist. He is reputedly no longer interested in discussing the subject.

(Images: Top Right) The photograph is an artistic reproduction of the famous image taken in 1954. The original image(s) taken by Stephen Darbishire has been lost. It is still possible to find close ups of one of the original images on the internet.


The Lakenheath Incident: 1956

The Lakenheath Incident – also known as the RAF Bentwaters UFO – was a series of radar interceptions followed by a first-hand encounter with a UFO that took place over two Royal Air Force bases in Suffolk during the night of the 13th of August 1956.

Lakenheath Incident
Lakenheath Incident

The incident began when USAF radar operators, stationed at Lakenheath, locked on to what seemed to be an incoming aircraft traveling at extreme speed. Additional blips indicated another group of UFOs moving more slowly and in a north–easterly direction. The blips eventual merged into a sing large radar signal, much larger than that created by a B36 Bomber – the largest aircraft in the USAF at the time.

At 22:55, a UFO was detected approaching RAF Bentwaters from the east at an estimated speed in excess of 3000 MPH. Later during the night two RAF de Havilland Venom jet aircraft were dispatched to intercept a radar blip approaching Lakenheath. One interceptor was forced to return to base due to engine problems but the second, achieved visual contact. The UFO, which was described as an intensely bright ball of light changed course and pursued the Venom for around ten minutes. The incident was recorded as part of the covert USAF investigation into UFO’s known as Project Blue Book (1952 – 1970) and it was one of very few incidents that the Condon Committee were forced to admit that it could not explain.

Project Blue Book was a systematic study of unidentified flying objects carried out by the United States Air Force from 1952 to 1969. It had two goals. (A) To determine if UFOs were a threat to national security, (B) to scientifically analyse UFO-related data. Many hundreds of UFO reports were recorded and studied.


The Warminster Thing: 1964 – 1976

During the 1960’s and early 1970’s the town of Warminster experienced an unusually large number of UFO sightings and unexplained audio related incidents. In fact, the Warminster phenomenon started around 1964 with the occurrence of strange and unidentifiable noises which sounded like roof tiles being rattled or sticks being broken. Some claimed to have heard and felt a deep vibration – the kind often associated with ultra-low frequencies.

UK UFOs - The Warminster Thing
The Warminster Thing

These noises were experienced by hundreds of individuals and often caused anxiety and discomfort. They continued until 1966. The phenomena was nicknamed the Warminster ‘Thing’. The first visual sighting of a UFO took place in 1965 and was described as a ‘Silvery Cigar” in the sky. Over the next decade many ‘UFOs’ were seen by the residents with nine events being carefully studied and documented. During the early 1970’s the number of incidents decreased and by 1975 they ceased to occur. Many researchers believe that there may be a connection between the Warminster events and the proximity of the restricted military area at nearby Salisbury plain

(Images: Above Left) A copy of the famous photo of a Warminster UFO taken by Gordon Faulkner’s in 1965.

Broad Haven Landing: 1977

The ‘Broad Haven Incidents’ started at lunchtime on 4 February 1977 at the Broad Haven Junior School. During a break between lessons, some 14 youngsters – aged 9 to 11 years old – witnessed a UFO land in a small field next to their school and claimed they saw a humanoid with pointed ears wearing a silver suit leave the ship and examine the ground nearby.

UFOs UK - Broadhaven Humanoid Alien
Broadhaven Humanoid Alien

The children told the headmaster of the school who made them each draw a picture of what they saw without discussing the incident with each other. The similarity between the drawings was remarkable and the authorities were notified. The national newspapers picked up the story and Broad Haven quickly became the focus of private, media and military investigations.

Over the following months many other ‘visitations’ were witnessed including fireballs, more 7ft silver suited aliens and even UFO’s seen hovering near to ‘The Stack’ a coastal rock formation in St Bride’s Bay. A large number of unexplained events seemed focused on and around Ripperston Farm some three miles south east of the School. It is worth noting that the farm is located less than one mile east of the abandoned WWII Talbenny Airfield.

In a further case Mrs Granville, the manager of the Haven Fort Hotel, saw an oval UFO land in an adjacent field. Two silver suited figures emerged and seemed to examine something on the ground that later turned out to be the entrance to an abandoned Royal Observer Corps bunker.

The Broad Haven Landing is one of the very few UFO cases to officially be investigated by the UK Ministry of Defence.

Over the years several people have come forward and claimed that they were behind the Broad Haven UFO sightings and that it was all just a hoax. However, people who actually experienced the events are dismissive of these claims. As one woman is said to have put it: ‘If you think I can’t tell the difference between a space creature and a man dressed in a boiler suit you must be an idiot yourself.’


The Dechmont Woods Encounter: 1979

At around 10.30 am on the 9th of November 1979, Mr. Robert Taylor of the local forestry department parked his pick-up truck on a side road at the base of Dechmont Law (Hill) located between the Deer Park Golf and Country Club and the M8 motorway. Together with his dog, he walked up a grassy path to a southwest facing clearing roughly 35 metres in length by 35 across. He was shocked to find a large sphere-like craft roughly 7 metres in width and made of a dark metallic material. The texture of the UFO was rough like sandpaper and certain sections were transparent and similar to the windows in a cockpit of a plane.

UFOs UK - The Dechmont Woods Encounter
The Dechmont Woods Encounter

He is said to have walked closer and saw two smaller spheres, each looking somewhat like a WWII magnetic mine, exit the craft and roll towards him. The spheres then seemed to attach themselves to his trousers and draw him towards the main craft. He was aware of a hissing noise and the smell of gas after which he fell unconscious. When he woke the craft was gone and he was unable to speak. He staggered back to his truck, drove home and, at the urging of his wife, reported the incident to the local police. An investigation of the site discovered ladder shaped impressions in the soil and indentations where the secondary spheres may have rolled over the grass. The findings were considered inconclusive to prove the existence of a UFO.

Character: What makes this UFO event particularly important is the general consensus that Robert Taylor was a man of calm character with a down-to-earth nature and not one for fanciful stories. He is said to have stuck consistently to the same story for over three decades.


Sightings of UFO in the UK have remained constant over the past several decades and the MOD (Ministry of Defence) has investigated a fair number of these over the years. In 2012 more than 7,000 pages of information were released to the public as part of the Freedom of Information Act. There is even a section entitled: (Prime Minister) Tony Blair’s Briefing and the Flying Saucer Working Party (DEFE 24 1987 1). Here are some more of the best sightings:


Rendlesham Forest UFO: 1980

The Rendlesham Forest Incident is the most famous, and well documented, of all UK UFO episodes. It is often referred to as the British version of ‘Roswell’ and took place during the nights of the 24th, 25th and 26th December 1980. The encounter occurred in the forested area adjacent to the military bases of RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk England. At the time of the incident both bases were being used by the United States Air Force (USAF). At approximately 03:00am on 26 December 1980 dozens of soldiers observed a number of unusual lights falling slowly into an area of the nearby forest to the east of RAF Woodbridge. A patrol was sent to investigate and discovered a metallic object that was illuminated with coloured lights. As they approached the craft it moved away through the trees. Nearby farm animals appeared very disturbed and made frantic noises.

UK UFOS - Rendlesham Forest Incident
Rendlesham Forest Incident (Artists Impression)

The site was revisited the following day and three impressions in the ground were discovered where the craft had originally been located. The following night additional lights were observed in the area and were even witnessed by the Deputy Base Commander Colonel Charles Halt.

Sceptics claim that the soldiers just saw the beam from the Orford Ness lighthouse located on the same line of sight as the alleged UFO. Those involved have pointed out that they could see the UFO lights and the Light house beam. A huge amount has been written about the incident with claims of inaccuracies, mistaken dates and even exaggeration of the story over the years. However, what lends credibility to this incident is the fact that Colonel Charles Halt is said to have publicly made accusations of an official cover-up.

UFOs UK - Nuclear Pagoda
Orford Ness Neclear Pagoda – (CC Chris Gunn – Wikimedia)

One point that is omitted from most of the accounts of the Rendlesham Forest incident is that to the east of the two air force bases, and directly to the west of the light house, was a top secret weapons testing facility used by the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment and later by the Cobra Mist Project. The site was ‘officially’ shut down in 1971/72 but decommissioning of the site and the management of large controlled explosions took place as late as 1986 – well within the timeframe associated with the Rendlesham Forest incident.


The Ilkley Moor Alien: 1987

Around 9.30am on the morning of Tuesday, 1st December 1987 an off-duty policeman by the name of Philip Spencer set off across Ilkley Moor in Yorkshire. The morning was misty, but Spencer had a compass with him. His stated purpose was to photograph lighting effects of the moor in the fog. Ilkley Moor was already well known for its ‘strange happenings’ and unusual features such as the ‘Swastika Stone’ and the ‘Twelve Apostles’ stone circle. After some time walking and shortly after the mists had lifted, Spencer spotted an alien-looking creature next to some boulders and took its picture. This would become the famous photo that would excite UFO investigators for decades. The creature was approximately four-foot-tall with greenish-grey skin, large hands and feet with only two extended toes. He followed the alien and saw a saucer-shaped craft with a dome on top take off from a nearby indentation in the landscape.

Ilkley Moor Alien Side by side
Ilkley Moor Alien

On his way home he noticed his compass had reversed its polarity and that an hour of the day had vanished. Later under hypnosis Spencer would recall that he had been abducted and subjected to a medical examination and then made to watch two films. The first film seems to have depicted natural disasters and the effects of human pollution. The contents of the second film are a mystery and Spencer has refused to discuss what he saw. The validity of the encounter has never been proven one way or another. That fact that Spencer was a policeman, and therefore an expert witness, has added credibility to the incident. (Images: Top Right) The much-circulated close-up photograph of the Ilkley Moor Alien) (Images: Bottom Right) An artist’s impression of the Ilkley Moor Alien based on the photograph and the description provided by Philip Spencer.


RAF Cosford & Shawbury Incident: 1993

Opinion with regard to the RAF Cosford & Shawbury Incident is sharply divided. For some researchers it is compelling evidence for UFO’s and an ensuing cover up while for others it is an easily explained misunderstanding. After removing some of the confusion and exaggeration the facts are reasonably straightforward.

RAF Cosworth UFO
RAF Cosworth UFO (C) Clint Pavenu

During the very early morning of Wednesday, 31 March 1993 many people across the United Kingdom reported seeing brilliant white objects travel at considerable speed across the night sky. In some cases various people claimed to have seen triangular or diamond shaped aircraft unlike anything typical of the time.

Around 1.15am a MOD police patrol at RAF Cosford witnessed the lights pass overhead and, as per standard procedures, alerted the meteorological officer at nearby RAF Shawbury with information that a UFO was approaching. Wayne Elliott, the officer at Shawbury, then witnessed what he believed to be a large triangular craft, roughly the size of a jumbo jet, hover at an altitude of 200ft approximately 10 miles from the base. He claimed that it emitted a low frequency humming sound and was using a ‘spotlight’ as if it was search for something on the ground. The object did not appear on the radar and the incident was reported to the Ministry of Defence. It was investigated by (Agent) Nick Pope who concluded that something of inexplicable significance had occurred.

Sceptics have pointed out that the Russian Tsyklon rocket booster 22586U re-entered the atmosphere during the same night and created quite a pyrotechnic display as it burnt up in the sky. It also turned out that the triangular UFO witnessed by Wayne Elliott could have been the Dyfed-Powys police helicopter tracking a stolen vehicle. Some reports claim that Elliot subsequently played down the sighting, but Nick Pope remains convinced that the rocket and helicopter theories simply do not effectively explain the events of the night. The debate continues.


The Bonsall UFO Video: 2000

In Around 9.15 pm on the 5th October 2000 Sharon Rowlands noticed that a large luminous object was hovering over a field close to her house in the small village of Bonsall, Derbyshire. She was intrigued and filmed the shimmering pink phenomenon for six and a half minutes as it hovered and rotated nearby. The actual footage of the UFO shows that it appears to be made up of concentric rings each of which pulsed with a magenta coloured light. Some investigators have compared it to a photographic orb.

UK UFOS - Bonsall
Bonsall UFO (Artists Impression)

Rowlands informed her local newspaper, the Matlock Mercury, about the incident. They, in turn, published the story which was picked up by UFO enthusiasts around the World. There is some confusion as to whether the video that can be found on the internet is the same one that Mrs. Rowlands took. It appears that the photos and videos of the Bonsall UFO currently in circulation may have been from an earlier incident in the same region. The tape has allegedly been purchased by an American TV company for about £20,000.


The Dudley Dorito: 2007 – 2013

Around 7.00pm on Wednesday 28 November a black triangular craft was observed flying over Halesowen towards Stourbridge in the West Midlands region of England. The first witness observed that the craft hovered over Halesowen, in the Metropolitan Borough of Dudley, before moving towards the west. A second witness saw the same craft from the observation Beacon located off Monument Road at the top of the Lickey Hills. Both described it as a black triangle with three distinct lights – one at each point of the triangle. Both agreed that the craft flew at extreme speed above the eastern horizon of the Black Country region of Birmingham.

The sightings were reported to a local UFO research organisation who, in turn, released a statement to the local press. Based on the descriptions provided the newspapers quickly nicknamed the UFO the ‘Dudley Dorito’ after the location in which it was seen and the popular triangle shaped snack. The story might have ended at this time except that this strange craft has been observed on many separate occasions during the period between 2009 and 2015. It generally seems to be seen more frequently during winter between the hours of 7pm an 11pm. The usual explanations for sightings have been rolled out with amusing predictability. Ball lightning, fast moving clouds and atmospheric anomalies have all been suggested as the cause. However, the most likely explanation is that it’s a new form of stealth military aircraft.

So … while it’s probably not alien in origin it’s still a UFO – for now.

Nebra Sky Disk - Real or Fake

The Nebra Sky Disk - Real or Fake?


The Nebra disc is currently the oldest known representation of the celestial sky.  This was a phenomenal archaeological discovery that took place on Mount Mittelberg, near Nebra (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany) during 1999.  It has been shrouded in mystery and controversy since its discovery and it has even been suggested that its design is of extra-terrestrial origin.


A team of looters who were looking for old ammunition and military weapons, discovered, with the help of illegal metal detectors, the remains of a prehistoric settlement that would later be dated to around 1600 years BC.  The disc has been associated with the Bronze Age Unetice culture.

Location where the Nebra Sky Disk was found
Location where the Nebra Sky Disk was found


Their findings were as follows: The disc stuck vertically on the ground, 2 swords, 2 axes, some bracelets and a chisel.  All of these items were surrounded by large stones that protected the area where they’d been deposited.  In Germany, these types of private finds are illegal and must be handed over to a museum. This failed to appeal to the looters who, despite its incalculable historic value, sold all the treasures on the black market during 2000 for the sum of £13,000.

That buyer, in turn, tried to sell the artefacts to the prehistoric museums of Berlin and Munich. It was then that the director of the Berlin museum, Wilfried Menghin, received some photos in which he saw the rather dirty Nebra Celestial Sky Disc and some other relics.   The asking price for these looted items had now jumped to £200,000.

Menghin responded that the legitimate owner of the prehistoric treasure was Germany as a nation and that the items legally and morally belonged to the Museum of Prehistory in Munich.  The illegal seller was clearly disturbed by the conversation and the artefacts vanished again.


Two years later Menghin was approached with a similar proposition but this time the director of the museum did not want to lose track of the Nebra Sky disc again and went to the Ministry of Culture for Saxony-Anhalt and the matter was turned over to the police. The ensuing investigation initially turned up the Sky Disc and sometime later the remainder of the artefacts were also discovered and the looters arrested. Possibly in exchange for a lenient sentence, the looters confessed the location of the find to be the forest of Ziegelroda on the slopes of Mittelberg at a height of 250 metres.  Chemical analyses of the soil found on the disk and the soil from the forest clearly confirmed that this was the original location of the discovery.

Soil Tests confirm location
Soil Tests confirm location (By Medien-gbr, CC BY-SA 3.0WMC)

The federal office of Saxony-Anhalt the excavation of the site and obtained very good results. It was discovered that these had not been grave goods but a cache where the pieces had been randomly placed inside a metal container with a lid that was typically used to store precious objects.   This type of deposit was quite frequent among people of the Bronze Age and archaeologists believe that they were probably offerings to the gods – although this is by no means certain.


Around the time of the discovery some doubts were raised that such a sophisticated object as the Nebra Sky Disc could have been produced by the people from so long ago.  Test were carried out and the specialists agreed that the green bubble shapes found on the surface of the copper carbonate disk could only have been created by a process requiring significant time.  The Sky Disc was agreed to be authentic.

Nebra Sky Disk as it was Found
Nebra Sky Disk as it was Found (CC Christian Reinboth Wikimedia)


It has a size of 31 by 32 cm and a thickness that increases from the outside to the interior, from 1.5 mm to 4.5 mm. It is arched and slightly concave and weighs just over two kilograms.  Its original colour is unknown as after 3,600 years of being buried it has acquired a greenish coloration due to a patina of copper carbonate. It was found in the ground in an upright position with its obverse facing north. The gold ornamentation, impervious to corrosion, has not been degraded like the bronze.


Research down on the Nebra Sky disc indicate that it was modified on at least three separate occasions. The time scale between modifications is unknown.

The disk originally had thirty-two small round gold circles as well as a large crescent-shaped plate attached to the side.

The section believed to represent the moon is depicted as an eclipse.

A ‘sun boat’ depicted as an arc was added at a later date.

At the time the Disc was concealed it had been modified again and had some thirty-nine or forty-three millimetre (3mm) cut out around its perimeter.  Their purpose is unknown.

Although there has been concern raised that the Sky Disc is a fake, multiple tests have revealed that it is authentic – an opinion held by the majority of researchers and archaeologists. Analysis of the bronze indicates that it was made in the region although the gold and tin were probably acquired from Cornwall in Britain. This has raised another problem.  The precision tooling and advanced understanding of the stars does seem very advanced for this time period.

However, the early people from this area did have a fascination with the stars and celestial objects. Around 25 kilometres southwest from where the Nebra Sky Disk was found is one of the finest solar Neolithic sites in Germany.  This series of ancient earthworks has been compared to Stonehenge, in Britain, with regard to its importance.  Studies of the ‘Gosek Complex’ have revealed that it was almost certainly used as a celestial observatory.  However, it’s worth noting that while 25km is considered close today, it would have represented a journey of probably two days to the people of the time.

Historians are facing a difficult question.  Why did some select groups of Neolithic people seem to have awareness far in excess of the ordinary people of the time?  This pattern is not unique and has been observed all across Europe.


A wide range of theories have been put forward about the origin and purpose of the Nebra Sky Disk.  These are just some of them …

Nebra Sky Disk Theories
Nebra Sky Disk Theories

Celestial Calendar Theory

The most common of the Nebra Sky Disk theories is that the disk represents the constellations of the night sky around 1,400 to 1,600 BC.  According to Harald Meller, a German academic and archaeologist, the disk was actually a complex astronomical clock that was used by the ancients to harmonise the solar and lunar calendars of the time.

It is commonly accepted, although far from proven, that the Neolithic people of Europe used solar alignments to predict the changing seasons and use this information to provide advice with regard to the planting and harvesting of crops.  This would mean that the Nebra Sky Disk was actually a form of portable stone circle.  If this is all true, then the Sky Disk also represents the first record of a multi-calendar synchronisation system.

It is worth pointing out that not all researchers agree with this assessment as it applies to the Nebra Sky Disk or, for that matter, stone circles in general.  As they point out.  A well-positioned pole in the ground, a length of string and a few wooden stakes can achieve the same effect.  They ask, ‘Why were these Neolithic people committing so much ‘expensive’ energy to create complex solutions when simpler ones very easily available?’

Extra-terrestrial Contact

Schlosser of the Rurh University at Bochum stated that he believes that these Bronze Age savants already had levels of astronomy knowledge that the Babylonians would only discover a thousand years later. He went on to suggest that questions need to be asked whether this knowledge was acquired locally or originated from afar. Although, he himself makes no connection between the disk and extra-terrestrial events.

This demonstration of advanced Neolithic knowledge has led to speculation that the Nebra Sky Disc represents evidence that early human civilizations were contacted by beings not of this planet.  Ancient alien researchers point out that all across the world, from the rock paintings of Tassili to the Nazca lines of Peru, there are ancient depictions of beings that bear a remarkable resemblance to ‘spacemen’ and their technology.  While nobody claims that the disk itself is of alien origin, the researchers believe it is a depiction of something that people of the region may have seen and copied – possibly to use as a talisman.  In particular they point to the ‘Sun Ship’ at the base of the disk as a representation of a craft capable of travelling through the ‘heavens’.

Theories - Ancient Egypt & ET
Theories – Ancient Egypt & ET

Nebra Sky Disk – Egypt

According to other researchers, the extreme lower section of the Sky Disc depicts the constellation of Orion.  This is a major issue for traditional archaeology as Orion should not have been observable from that position in Germany at that time.  In fact, the nearest possible geographic location from which it would have been visible is Luxor in ancient Egypt.   The conclusion that was drawn is that the 26- to 30-degree variance can only be accounted for by a simultaneous pole shift. As Nebra Sky Disk theories go – this one is more about proving pole shift rather than the origin of the Sky Disk.  As an origin theory it is really suggesting that the design of the disk came from Ancient Egypt.


There have been theories put forward that the Sky Disc represents the wandering and mythical planet Niburu and not the moon at all. This has been prompted ancient astronaut supporters who propose that the disc was a stellar map design was left behind by Pleiadian explorers that visited Europe about 4000 years ago.

Certainly historical texts are full of stories of beings that came from the heavens and told the early agrarian cultures how they should lead their lives.  From the Anunnaki of Mesopotamia to celestial gods of early Greek and Scandinavian cultures, the essential story is the same.  The people of Earth were in trouble shortly after a period of rapid climate change approximately 7,000 years ago.  Beings from the heavens came down and shared their wisdom and the people of earth suddenly experienced a massive jump forward in terms of understanding and technology.  These beings eventually left but were then worshipped as gods by the humans they left behind.

Atlantis and Atlanteans Culture

It has been proposed that there is a link between the Sky Disk and the legendary people of Atlantis. The theory suggests that the Atlanteans (Minoans) were a very advanced civilization that helped spread awareness and knowledge to the ancient people of the greater Mediterranean Triangle that stretches from the Black Sea in the East to Egypt in the South and Gibraltar in the West.  These people were based on the Island of Thera and were destroyed when the island experienced a massive volcanic eruption between 1642–1540 BCE – around the same time that the Nebra Sky Disk was buried.

The respected German media channel – Die Welt – is said to have speculated that the Nebra Sky Disk could support the audacious hypothesis of the Atlantis explorer Spanuth, which locates the Atlanteans at Heligoland. He claims that the large water circle “sin-wur” is more like the Black Sea than the North Sea. He asks:

“Where did the creator of the Nebra Sky Disk gain his astronomical knowledge, which can only be worked out over generations to achieve this complexity?”

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung rightly states. Even the archaeologist Meller concedes: “It is clear that we always underestimate prehistoric people”. This statement may also be characterized by recent research reports from Göbekli Tepe in Turkey.  Findings by Dr. Klaus Schmidt, Chief Excavator of the German Archaeological Institute, has already identified an early form of a writing in Eastern Anatolia dating back to around 7500 BC!

According to the mythology of the ancients, Atlas was the bearer of the sky, the father of the Pleiades constellation (seven sisters) which is a key feature of the Sky Disk. Atlas was also the great king of Atlantis.

Last Days of Atlantis
Last Days of Atlantis

People Just Don’t Know

According to some, the Nebra Sky Disc would be used to see the sunset during the winter solstice and would predict the changing seasons. However, not all historians agree with this explanation.

As it was found along with swords, it has been suggested that it could be part of a shield with a picture of the sky as magical protection.

As always, interpretation of objects from the distant past is complex.

The truth is that although there are numerous theories, modern science simply doesn’t know what the Nebra Sky Disc was used for.

Top Ten Lost Treasures World

Top Ten Lost Treasures of the World

Top Ten Lost Treasures of the World

King John’s Treasure

King John ‘the Bad’ was particularly fond of collecting (stealing) jewellery and gold plate for himself and coinage for his guards, soldiers and court followers. In 1216 King John travelled to Bishops Lynn in Norfolk where he arrived on the 9th October. The area is aptly named The Wash as it was once a huge expanse of marshes and dangerous mud flats.

At Bishop’s Lynn, King John fell ill with dysentery and decided to return to Newark Castle via Wisbech. He took the slower and safer route around The Wash. However, his soldiers and carts full of his personal possessions and treasury, including the crown jewels he had inherited from his grandmother the Empress of Germany, took the shorter route through the marshes.

King Johns Treasure
King Johns Treasure (SSPL)

Trapped by the tide they were drowned – possibly close to Sutton Bridge. The treasure carts were lost and never recovered. King John died a few days later on the 18th October 1216. What really happened is probably much more complex.

Lost: 1216 AD / Estimated Value: $70,000,000 / Location: Great Britain / The United Kingdom

Contents: Crown jewels, gold goblets, silver plate, golden wand with a dove, the sword of Tristram, gold coins.


The Secret City of Paititi

Most people have heard the story of El Dorado, a city full of gold lost somewhere in the rainforests of South America. In fact, El Dorado is actually a legend about a Muisca Chieftain (the Golden One) who would cover himself with gold dust before certain religious ceremonies.

The real City of Gold is Paititi. In brief, the Spanish had been at war with the Incas of Peru for nearly forty years and the Incas had retreated to the Vilcabamba Valley where they held off the invaders until 1572.

Lost Incan Gold of Paititi
Lost Incan Gold of Paititi

When the Spanish finaly conquered the Incas, they found the city largely deserted. It appeared as if the Incas had fled to a new location in the rainforests of southern Brazil taking their vast treasure of gold with them. The new city was never found nor was the gold and eventually the story was relegated to the status of a myth.

However, in 2009 satellite photos of deforested areas of the Boco do Acre region of Brazil have revealed that there were once vast settlements. These can be clearly seen on Google Earth and have forced historians and archaeologists to review their thinking. It now seems possible once again that Paititi really did exist along with a potential hoard of lost Inca gold.

Lost:  1572 / Estimated Value: $10,000,000,000 / Location: Brazil

Contents: Incan gold & artefacts, gold bars, jewellery, etc.


The Missing Kruger Millions

During the Second Anglo-Boer War the South African descendants of the Dutch settlers, the Boers, realised that their capital, Pretoria, would soon be captured by British troops so they swiftly commandeered as much gold as they could from government reserves, banks and the mines. They also minted many thousands of new gold coins.

Much of this gold is believed to have travelled with the Boer President, Paul Kruger, as he journeyed eastwards through Middleburg, Machadadorp and Waterfal Boven towards Mozambique to escape the advancing British.

Missing Krugerrand Treasure
Missing Treasure of Paul Kruger

He departed, by ship, for France on the 19th of October 1900. The gold remained behind, hidden somewhere in the bushveld of the North Eastern Transvaal. It has never been officially found although it is a popular ‘scam’ for con men to try and sell the whereabouts of the gold to gullible tourists.

Claims that the treasure (or part of it) was discovered in 2001 close to Ermelo are generally considered somewhat dubious.  During January of 2021 a small sack of missing Kruger Rands (Ponds) was discovered in a Swiss Bank vault.  Although just a fraction of the full treasure it was still worth a fortune. This was acquired by the South African mint who have made some of them available to buy.

Lost: 1890 / Estimated Value: $250,000,000.00 / Location: South Africa

Contents: Gold coins, ingots, gold dust, silver ingots & coins.


The Treasure of the Copper Scroll

Located to the west of the northern tip of the Dead Sea and near to the town of Kalya is the Qumran archaeological site. On a desert plateau carved by ravines are the caves where the famous Dead Sea Scrolls were initially discovered by Bedouin in 1946. The later excavation of 11 caves by archaeologists sponsored by the Jordanian Department of Antiquities uncovered 972 parchment and papyrus texts and two unusual scrolls made of copper. These would turn out to be one scroll that had been divided into two pieces.

Lost Treasure Copper Scroll
Lost Treasure Copper Scroll

This rare find was discovered on the 14th March 1952 at the back of Cave 3, somewhat separate from the other finds. The scroll was badly oxidised and fragile to touch but it was obvious that it was different from the other leather and paper scrolls

It turned out to be a detailed list of 64 locations where significant amounts of gold and silver had been hidden. It was written as if anyone reading it would have familiarity with the places mentioned and is believed to have been created between 110 and 30 BCE.

Although many historians believe that some of the treasure may have been found by the Romans during their occupation of the region, it is reasonable to think that at least some of the locations were never revealed.

For Example: Item 3. In the funeral shrine, in the 3rd row of stones: One hundred gold ingots. Item 5: In the ascent of the ‘staircase of refuge’, to the left-hand side, three cubits up from the floor are forty talents of silver. Item 32: In the cave that is next to (unknown) and belonging to the House of Hakkoz, dig six cubits. Within are six ingots of gold.

Lost: Circa 100 BC / Estimated Value: $1.2 Billion + / Location: Israel / Jordon

Contents: Gold and silver coins, ingots and artefacts.


The Treasure of the Flor de la Mar

The Flor de la Mar (Flower of the Sea) was a 400-ton Portuguese carrack (frigate) built in Lisbon during 1502. The naval history of the ship was impressive, and it was involved in the battle of Diu, the subjugation of Goa and the capture of Malacca.

Captained by Alfonso de Albuquerque the ship was loaded with a vast treasure taken from Malacca as well as tributes from the King of Siam. According to various historical accounts it was the largest treasure ever assembled in the history of the Portuguese navy.

Lost Treasure of the Flor de la Mar
Lost Treasure of the Flor de la Mar

The Flor de la Mar set sail for Portugal, together with four other ships, but was caught in a violent storm in the Straits of Malacca. On the 20th November 1511 it was shipwrecked on the reefs of Sumatra. The ship broke in two and although Alfonso was saved, the treasure and many young slaves were lost to the waves.

The exact location of the shipwreck is confused, probably due to the inaccurate maps of the time. It is considered the richest treasure still to be found.

Lost: 1511 / Estimated Value: $2.6 Billion + (54,431kg of Gold x $49,000 per Kg) / Location: Off the coast of Sumatra

Contents: Gold goblets, silver plate and extensive gold bullion


The Lost Fabergé Eggs

Peter Carl Fabergé (also known as Karl Gustavovich Fabergé) and his brother Agathon were Russian jewellers of French descent based in St. Petersburg. They rapidly became famous for the extraordinary quality and beauty of their work.

During 1885, Tsar Alexander III (House of Romanov) commissioned the production of the gold and enamel ‘Hen Egg’ for his wife the Empress Maria which she adored. Fabergé was made ‘Goldsmith by Special Appointment to the Imperial Crown’ and over the next 33 years 52 eggs were made for the Russian Royal Family as well as a further 15 for other private buyers.

Lost Treasures - Faberge Eggs
Lost Treasures – Faberge Eggs (WMC Clive Pavanu)

The 1917 Russian Revolution toppled Tsar Nicholas II who was executed along with much of the royal family in July 1918. Fearing for his safety, Peter Carl Faberge abandoned Russia travelling first to Latvia, then Germany and finally Switzerland where he died in Lausene in 1920.

The Fabergé eggs and many other treasures of the Royal family were confiscated by the Russian revolutionaries and stored in the vaults of the Kremlin Armoury. Some were sold to raise funds for the new regime. Over time eight of the original 52 Imperial eggs have vanished and their whereabouts remain a mystery to this day.

A full list of missing eggs is below. In 2007, just one egg, ‘The Rothschild’ was sold at Christies Auction House for $8,9 million.

The Missing Eggs: (1886) The Hen Egg with Sapphire Pendant (1888) The Cherub with Chariot Egg (PPC-USA) (1889) The Nécessaire Egg (PPC-UK) (1896) The Egg with Alexander III Portraits (1897) The Mauve Egg (1902) Empire Nephrite Egg (Alexander III Medallion) (1903) The Royal Danish (Jubilee) Egg (1909) The Alexander III Commemorative Egg.

Lost: 1917-1929 / Estimated Value: $90 – 150,000,000 / Location: Unknown / Russia

Contents: Eight Faberge Golden Eggs


The San Miguel & The Lost 1715 Treasure Fleet

By 1712 AD, Spain was desperately in need of funds due to the War of Succession that had seen Phillip V take the throne. To solve this problem the Spanish assembled one of the richest treasure fleets. Come 1715 it consisted of five ships of the Nueva España (Mexico) fleet and six ships of the Tierra Firme (Mainland) fleet. Significant amounts of silver (plate), gold, pearls, jewels (emeralds) and other precious items were loaded at Vera Cruz, Cartagena, Nombre de Dios and Portobello. A further ship, a French merchantman, the Griffon, also joined the convoy.

1705 Treasure Fleet
1705 Treasure Fleet (SSPL)

As a further defence against pirates and privateers the fleet waited until just before the hurricane season before setting off from Havana. This was a mistake and a storm destroyed the fleet just seven days after leaving Cuba. Thousands of sailors died.

Over the next four years the Spanish salvaged about half of the treasure although pirates hampered their efforts. Items of treasure still occasionally wash up on nearby shores.

Largely due to the efforts of Kip Wagner, a marine treasure hunter, seven of the ships have been located but only a small percentage of the treasure has been recovered. The San Miguel, a Nao class vessel, has yet to be found and is believed to have separated from the fleet the day before the storm struck.

Carracks are lighter than Galleons and were often used to carry treasure as they stood a greater chance of outrunning storms and privateers. The objective, after all, was to get the treasure home. This could mean that the San Miguel is actually one of the richest treasure ships yet to be found.

Lost: 30 July 1715 / Estimated Value: $2 billion / Location: Off the coast of Florida (USA)

Contents: Jewels, gold goblets, silver plate, bullion, coin

Ships of the 1715 Spanish (Plate) Treasure Fleet that have never been found:

Nueva Espana Fleet – General Juan de Ubilla – The Maria Galante – Frigatilla / Frigate / Tierra Firma Fleet – General Antonio de Echeverz – Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion – NAO Class (Carrack) – The (El Senor) San Miguel -NAO Class (Fast Carrack) – El Ciervo (La Franecsa ) Galera Class (Galley)


The Amber Room

The original room was a set of extraordinary wall panels made from purest amber, set in and on gold and mirrors. These panels were installed to create a room that was effectively coated with amber and gold.

It was designed by Andreas Schlüter an architect from Hamburg, Germany and constructed at the Charlottenburg Palace in Prussia, between 1701 and 1709 by the renowned amber specialist Gottfried Wolfram of the Royal Court of Denmark. In 1716 the King of Prussia, Friedrich Wilhelm I, gave it to the ruler of the Russian Empire, Tsar Peter the Great, to seal an alliance against Sweden. It was taken first to the original Winter Palace in St. Petersburg and then later moved to the Catherine Palace near the same city where it was expanded by a team of German and Russian craftsmen.

Lost Treasures - The Amber Room
Lost Treasures – The Amber Room

On completion it used 5,440 kg of Amber and was 17 meters in length. Considered to be unique and priceless it was the central showpiece of the palace and famous in aristocratic circles.

In 1941 it was discovered by invading German soldiers and dismantled. Apparently, it was packed into 27 crates and shipped to Königsberg, near the Baltic Coast, where it was put on display. In 1943 it was stored at Königsberg Castle. Officially it was destroyed in an WWII Allied bombing raid, but significant evidence suggests that it was actually shipped out of the city in the latter months of the war and taken to be hidden along with many other treasures acquired by the Nazi regime.

Priceless, it is considered one of the world’s greatest lost treasures. There have been repeated claims in the media by treasure hunters that they have discovered the location of the hidden Amber room. Nevertheless none of them have actually produced the missing panels.

There have been repeated claims in the media by treasure hunters that they have discovered the location of the hidden Amber room. Nevertheless none of them have actually produced the missing panels.

Estimates that the room would be worth $170,000,000 on the open market are considered conservative. A replica of the room made from identical materials has recently completed in Russia. It was opened by Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder on the 31st May 2003.

Lost: 1943 / Estimated Value: $170,000,000 / Location: Poland / Germany / Russia / Unknown

Contents: Comprised of Danish amber, gold fittings, gold leaf, ornate mirrors, jewels, and numerous gold and amber fittings and decorations.


Treasuries of the Knights Templar

The Knights Templar were a religious military order formed in 1119 AD to protect Christian pilgrims on their journey to holy lands of the Middle East. They established their headquarters on the side of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and were declared a charity by Pope Innocent II.

Over the decades, donations from patrons made the Knights Templar the wealthiest and most powerful military order in Europe. They invented an early form of banking which made them even richer but unpopular with people who had borrowed money. For nearly two hundred years the Templars amassed a fortune in lands, castles, gold, silver, jewels and precious objects.

Lost Teasure of the Knights Templar
Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar (Clive Pavanu)

By 1291 AD the military prestige of the Knights Templar had failed, and they were forced out of the Middle East. Their popularity fell further urged on by those who owed them money such as Phillip VI the King of France.

On Friday the 13th of October 1307, and with the permission of the Pope, Phillip VI arrested the key leaders of the Order based in France and tortured them into confessions of heresy and devil worship. He seized their lands and raided the treasury but found it much emptier than expected.

Across the rest of Europe the remaining Knights seem to have moved swiftly to hide their portable treasures. A month later Pope Clement II issued the ‘Pastoralis Praeeminentiae’ which instructed heads of state to arrest all Templars and seize their possessions which were to be given to another religious order – the Knights Hospitaller. This was only partially carried out, but it was already too late. The vast treasure of the Knights Templar had largely disappeared and has never been found.

An equally intriguing mystery is what happened to the majority of Knights who were never arrested. At least several thousand men as well as a flotilla of ships simply vanished. In particular, 18 ships that had been berthed at La Rochelle, France, on the night of the 12th of October 1307 set sail under the cover of darkness just before the initial persecutions and passed out of history. Many believe the ships headed for Scotland.  A document, the Pergamino de Chinon, found in the Vatican archives in 2002, now shows that Pope Clement II actually absolved the Templars in 1308 AD.

Lost: 1307 / Estimated Value: $ Many Billions / Location: Scotland / Unknown

Contents: Gold and silver ingots, coinage, jewels, jewellery, gold & silver plate, land deeds, religious relics, weapons, documents and records, Middle Eastern trophies and artefacts, valuable curiosities and royal regalia held as securities.


The Oak Island Money Pit

This is probably the most excavated site that has still failed to deliver up its treasure. Oak Island is approximately 140 acres in size and located just off the southeast coast of Nova Scotia. It is one of many small islands in the area and is now linked to the mainland via a narrow causeway.

The story has been embellished and distorted over the years but here are the basic facts. In 1795 Daniel McGinnis (16) and a friend noticed a circular depression as if a pit had been dug and then filled in again. Believing something of value may have been buried there they dug to a depth of 9.1 metres. Initially they discovered a layer of flagstones followed by traces of pickaxes on the rocks. Some stories say they found platforms of logs approximately every 3 metres. They failed to find anything of value, but the story spread and was quickly linked to the missing treasure of Captain Kidd and even the notorious Blackbeard – Edward Thatch (Teach).

Lost Treasure of the Oak Islan Money Pit
Oak Island Money Pit Treasure (SSPL)

Over the following centuries the pit has been excavated many times and prospectors have even included an American president, Franklin D. Roosevelt. It has not been an easy task and the pit is claimed to be ‘booby trapped” and has regularly flooded. The most tantalising clue found so far was a code inscription on a flat stone which, when translated, apparently stated: “Forty feet below, two million pounds lie buried.”

The deepest excavations initially reached 72 metres and six people have died trying to find whatever is buried on Oak Island.

In 2014 the History Channel started televising a ‘Reality TV’ documentary entitled:  “The Curse of Oak Island”  following the work of the Lagina brothers as they continued the excavation of the money Pit.  Their work and the TV series is currently ongoing as of 2021. Todate, the treasure still hasn’t been found.

Various theories pertaining to the contents of the Oak Island Money Pit include:

– Captain Kidd’s Treasure – Blackbeard’s Treasure – The Fortress of Louisbourg Treasury – The Missing Jewels of Marie Antoinette – Spanish Gold from a Shipwreck – The Treasure of the Knights Templar – Treasure of the Freemasons – A Storage Pit for Walrus Ivory – Documents of Sir Francis Bacon

Lost: 1500 – 1700AD / Estimated Value: $Unknown but potential huge / Location: Canada

Contents: Unknown (Pirate Hoard / Treasure of the Knights Templar / Spanish Gold)