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Witchfinder General Pamphlet Artwork

PRINT DESCRIPTION Authentic, hand-aged, copy of the title page from Matthew Hopkins's 1647 book ‘The Discovery of Witches’.  During the upheaval of the English Civil War of 1645 and 1646, Hopkins, known as 'Witchfinder General', had around 300 women executed in East Anglia. He described his activities in the book and, if true, this would [...]

Wright Patterson Grey Alien Artwork

PRINT DESCRIPTION Authentic, hand-aged, creative reproduction of the allegedly missing documents from Project Grudge about the Grey Alien Sighting at Wright Paterson Air force Base in the USA with original sketches. The incident is said to have taken place several months after the infamous UFO crash outside of Roswell New Mexico. This creative work is [...]

The UFO Vision of Ezekiel Artwork

PRINT DESCRIPTION Authentic, hand-aged, interpretive reproduction of the UFO Vision of the Prophet Ezekiel based on the etching by Picart, Bernard, 1761 with original sketches. Trimmed A4 Size - 28.8cm (W) x 20.0cm (H). The artwork is reproduced on aged and trimmed parchment-style 120gsm art card and hand-finished on both sides to add an authentic [...]

AVRO Flying Saucer Artwork

PRINT DESCRIPTION Authentic hand-aged art print reproduction of Project Silver Bug schematics released by the US Government in 2015 as part of a Freedom of Information action.  Officially the Silver Bug project failed to take off but many researchers believe that the undertaking was continued in secret and the derivatives of this aircraft may still [...]