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We like to think that we understand the history of our world but there is still so much more we don’t completely comprehend. From rock art depicting aliens to ancient devices that could produce electricity, our past is littered with ancient mysteries that remain unsolved.  The more you look into the distant past and ancient civilisations the more you realise there’s another side to this story than the one we’ve be taught.


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Nebra Sky Disk - Real or Fake

The Nebra Sky Disk – Real or Fake?

The Nebra disc is currently the oldest known representation of the celestial sky. It has been shrouded in mystery and controversy since its discovery.

Nazca Lines Google Earth

See the Nazca Lines on Google Maps Terrain

A favourite subject has been the mysterious and enigmatic Nazca Lines of Peru. Largely located in the arid desert of the Pampas de Jumana between the towns of…

The Cambodian Stegosaurus

The Cambodian Stegosaurus- Real or Fake

Some years ago an eagle-eyed visitor to the Ta Prohm temple in Cambodia noticed what looks like a carving of a stegosaurus

Callanish Stone Circles

Stone Circles UK – The Top Ten

See the best Stone Circles UK - The top ten best Neolithic sites in Britain. Exceptional and ancient places of mystical mystery and unexplained archaeology.

Dunino Den Mystery Features

Mysterious Features of the Dunino Druids Den

Hidden away by a narrow gorge and dense trees is the secret Dunino Den, a sacred site for ancient druids and more modern pagans.

Ancient Egyptian Mysteries – We still Can’t Solve

There are so many ancient Egyptian mysteries that we still can’t solve! From secret rooms in the great pyramid to entire lost countries. These are our top ten…

Where is the Lost City of Atlantis Believed to Be

Where is the Lost City of Atlantis Believed to Be?

 “Beyond the Pillars of Hercules and within the Ocean of Atlas there lies Atlantis – rich in wisdom, power and wealth.”

UFOs in Historic Art

UFOs in Historic Art

Even though the UFOs in Historic Paintings may have symbolic explanations they are still extra-terrestrial – essentially translated: Outside of The Earth.

Mysterious Geoglyphs

Mysterious Geoglyphs from Around the World

Geoglyphs (land pictures) are usually large artworks that have been etched into the landscape and are best viewed from above. These are the top ten best and…

UFOs in Ancient Art

UFOs in Ancient Art

Awareness of UFOs in historic art has been growing as people find more examples of these mysterious flying objects that date back to the dawn of human…