Of all the creatures that inhabit this plane, humans are the most cunning and secretive, masters of deception and concealment. We know for a fact that humans have rewritten histories and covered up crimes, twisted the truth and misled generations. Just recently, in 2021, after decades of denying the existence of UFOs, the authorities have finally admitted they exist. We still don’t know what they are, but we now know that they are real. What else has been hidden?

Most Mysterious is a digital magazine that focuses on all things strange and unexplained. We deal with the paranormal, supernatural, and inexplicable. Mysterious history, unexplained archaeology, ghosts, strange deaths, dark technologies, military machinations, enigmatic cosmology, conspiracies, and extra-terrestrial matters are all explored in detail. From revisiting well known mysteries to reporting the latest fringe news, our goal is to challenge the mainstream narrative.

Through this magazine we want to shine a spotlight into the shadows and see what is hiding there – concealed from everyday knowledge.

We have a team of experienced and dedicated writers and researchers who have a passion for digging into the mysterious and unexplained. We are headquartered in the United Kingdom with contributors from around the world. Through this magazine, our writers try to shed some light on all these mysteries and remind people that they exist and deserve to be better recorded and understood.

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We also want to know your insights and discoveries. It doesn’t matter what topics, from haunting’s, UFO’s, monsters and more. Thanks to the internet and unprecedented access to information, researchers are now connecting the dots of seemingly isolated occurrences to create new patterns of understanding and an alternative, more insightful, representation of human history and our relationship with the paranormal.

You too can be part of this information revolution. Together we can research and explore everything mysterious and share our discoveries.

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