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Aliens, UFOs and UAPs

Alien Portrait
Alien Portrait

Aliens, UFOs & UAPs

The topic of Unidentified Flying Objects, or UFOs, once relegated to the fringes of science fiction and conspiracy theories, has recently been propelled into the spotlight of mainstream scientific inquiry and global media attention. With mounting evidence and high-profile revelations, the conversation around alien visitations has taken a turn from scepticism to a genuine search for understanding.

Explore the perplexing world of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects), UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena), and alien encounters with a comprehensive collection of articles, research, and eyewitness accounts from Imperidox. This website serves as your gateway to discovering the most compelling, mysterious, and thought-provoking narratives from around the globe, all carefully gathered and categorised to satisfy your curiosity.

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Investigated by US Gov 1948 - 1969
of Americans Believe UFOs exist

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Latest UFO & Aliens Articles

Embark on a journey through the unknown as you explore our curated selection of articles, each a gateway to the fascinating and often mysterious world of UFOs, UAPs, and alien encounters—where science meets the unexplained.

The 1971 USS Trepang UFO Enigma Unveiling The Mystery

This comprehensive report conducts a critical and thorough examination of the 1971 USS Trepang UFO images, a series of photographs captured from the USS Trepang SSN 674 submarine.

German UFOs – Did the Nazis Build Flying Saucers?

German UFOs have fascinated historians for decades but were they real? As the decades pass more evidence comes to light.

The Ezekiel UFO: Did Biblical Prophet Encounter Aliens?

Was the fiery chariot witnessed by the prophet Ezekiel an ancient scripture’s interpretation of a close encounter with a UFO? Let’s delve into this cosmic mystery.

What’s the Latest Take on UFO’s and Aliens?

Current public opinion regarding UFOs, UAPs, and alien encounters is undergoing a significant shift. Sparked by the U.S. government’s release of declassified documents confirming military encounters with unexplained aerial phenomena, scepticism is giving way to genuine scientific investigation.

World-leading media outlets, including The Washington Post, have reported these revelations, propelling the conversation into mainstream discourse. Surveys reflect this change: a Pew Research Center study shows 65% of Americans now suspect government secrecy over UFOs, while a Gallup poll finds belief in extraterrestrial life at a record 72%, bolstered by NASA’s discovery of exoplanet candidates and mysterious interstellar objects. Despite this enthusiasm, voices from the scientific community, highlighted in publications like Scientific American, call for cautious, evidence-based inquiry.

The narrative in 2024 is straightforward: public sentiment is marked by a profound curiosity about our universe, tempered by a call for rigorous scientific exploration. This year signifies a pivotal moment in our collective journey towards understanding the unknown.

12 Month Interest

As can be seen from the Google Trends graph, Interest in UFOs, UAPs, and alien phenomena has remained consistently high for decades, fuelled by a steady stream of reports and speculation. However, it witnessed a dramatic surge when, in a ground-breaking event, what were purported to be extra-terrestrial beings were put on display in Mexico, capturing global attention and sparking a renewed drive for answers among enthusiasts and sceptics alike especially as governments continue to water down demands and protocols to come clean about their UFO investigation programmes.

Common UFO & UAP Terminology

Here is a sample of our latest dictionary of terminology relating to UFOs UAPs and Alien Investigations.  For the full list please click on the link below. 

AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program): A secretive Pentagon program that studied UAPs from 2007 to 2012.

Abduction: This is a reported phenomenon where individuals claim to have been kidnapped by extraterrestrial beings.

Adamski-Type UFOs: Named after George Adamski, one of the most controversial figures in early ufology, these are specific types of UFOs described as having a distinct bell-like shape, often associated with contactee narratives from the 1950s and 1960s.

Alien Abduction:  The reported act of aliens taking a person from Earth to their spacecraft for examination or communication.

Ancient Astronaut Theory: The belief that extraterrestrial beings visited Earth in the ancient past and influenced human civilisation.

Angel Hair: A substance that is said to fall from the sky during UFO sightings, resembling fine, silky threads.

Anti-Gravity Propulsion: While touched upon in different terms, the idea extends to the theoretical technology that would allow control over gravitational fields, making it possible to levitate and propel objects without conventional thrust. This could potentially explain the silent and high-acceleration manoeuvres reported in many UFO sightings.

Area 51: A highly classified remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base in Nevada, often associated with UFO conspiracy theories.

Arecibo Reply: This refers to a crop circle formation discovered near the Arecibo Observatory in 2001. It resembles the 1974 Arecibo message sent into space with information about humanity. It sparked debates on its origin and meaning, with some considering it a potential non-human response.

Astrobiology: The study of the origin, evolution, distribution, and future of life in the universe, including the search for extraterrestrial life.

Astrophysical Anomalies: Unusual or unexplained phenomena observed in space that defy current understanding or explanation, such as irregular light patterns or movements of celestial objects, which some speculate could be signs of extraterrestrial activity or technology.

Aurora Aircraft: Rumoured to be a top-secret, hypersonic reconnaissance aircraft, with speculation fuelled by sightings of unusual aircraft or contrails, sometimes associated with UFO reports.

Biocentrism and UFOs: A philosophical theory that life and biology are central to reality and that consciousness shapes the universe. Within ufology, this concept is sometimes applied to suggest that human or extraterrestrial consciousness could influence or manifest UFO phenomena.

Bioplasmic Entities: Speculative life forms that are composed of a plasma-like substance, theorized by some to exist based on observations of luminous phenomena that behave in ways suggestive of intelligent control, possibly representing a form of non-carbon-based life.

Black Knight Satellite: An alleged object orbiting Earth that conspiracy theorists claim is of extraterrestrial origin, with stories dating back to Nikola Tesla’s experiments in the early 20th century.

Black Triangle UFO: A class of UFOs that are large, silent, black triangular objects, often reported to be flying at low altitudes.

Blue Avians: A purported alien species characterized by their blue feathers and avian features, involved in various channelling and contactee reports.

Breakaway Civilization: A hypothetical, secret, technologically advanced society that has broken away from humanity and lives in secrecy, possibly in space or on another planet.

Bridgewater Triangle: A 200 square mile area in Southeastern Massachusetts, USA, known for a high volume of paranormal reports, including UFO sightings, cryptid encounters, and other unexplained phenomena.

Cattle Mutilations: The unexplained deaths and mutilations of livestock found with precise surgical-like cuts, often associated with UFO sightings and alleged extraterrestrial activities.

Chrononauts: Individuals who, according to speculative theories, travel through time using technology. In the context of UFOs, it’s suggested that some sightings could be attributed to time travellers rather than extraterrestrial craft.

Close Encounter: An event in which a person witnesses a UFO or extraterrestrial being. Based on proximity and interaction, close encounters are classified into several kinds.

Close Encounter of the First Kind: Visual sighting of a UFO.

Close Encounter of the Second Kind: A UFO event where a physical effect is witnessed (e.g., heat, landscape damage).

Close Encounter of the Third Kind: An encounter in which an animate being is present (often associated with aliens).

CE-5 (Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind): Human-initiated contact with extraterrestrial intelligence, including attempts at communication or interaction.