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The 10 Most Haunted Pubs in England: Echoes of the Past



Haunted pubs in England

The 10 Most Haunted Pubs in England: Echoes of the Past

England’s history is rich with tales of the supernatural, and its haunted pubs offer a unique window into this eerie world. These pubs aren’t just about traditional ales and hearty meals; they’re storied establishments where the past seems to linger in every shadowed corner and creaking floorboard. Here’s an in-depth look at 10 of the most haunted pubs in England, each a hub for ghost enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

1. The Skirrid Mountain Inn, Monmouthshire

The Skirrid Mountain Inn, Monmouthshire haunted

Reputed to be over 900 years old, The Skirrid Mountain Inn’s history is steeped in tales of judgement and execution. Its dark past as a courtroom where capital punishment was meted out is said to have left an indelible mark, with visitors often reporting sightings of a shadowy hangman and the unnerving feeling of an unseen presence. Its creaky floorboards and the cold spots in the bar area add to its haunted reputation, making it a prime destination for those interested in the haunted pubs of England.

2. The Jamaica Inn, Cornwall

The Jamaica Inn, Cornwall haunted

Perched on the wild and misty moors of Cornwall, The Jamaica Inn’s past is intertwined with tales of smugglers and highwaymen. Guests and staff have reported strange footsteps, ghostly figures, and the sound of horses’ hooves in the dead of night. The inn’s eerie atmosphere is enhanced by its isolated location, creating a perfect setting for ghostly tales and making it an iconic example of haunted pubs in England.

3. The Grenadier, London

The Grenadier, London haunted pub

This quaint pub, tucked away in the upscale district of Belgravia in London, is known for its resident ghost, a young soldier who was reportedly beaten to death over an unpaid gambling debt. The pub exudes a ghostly charm, with visitors reporting strange noises and a chilling sense of being watched. The Grenadier’s blend of luxury and mystery perfectly captures the essence of haunted pubs in England.

4. The Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire

The Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire

Often cited as one of the most haunted locations in the country, The Ancient Ram Inn has a history that includes tales of witchcraft, murder, and a pagan burial site. Visitors often recount experiences of ghostly apparitions and a pervasive sense of unease. The inn’s aged, timber-framed structure and its location next to ancient woods contribute to its spooky ambience.

5. The Ten Bells, London

The Ten Bells, London haunted pub england

Steeped in infamy due to its association with the victims of Jack the Ripper, The Ten Bells in London’s East End has long been a magnet for those fascinated by its macabre history. Patrons have reported sightings of the tormented spirits of the women who fell prey to the infamous killer. The pub’s Victorian decor and dimly lit interior add to the haunting atmosphere.

6. The Mermaid Inn, East Sussex

The Mermaid Inn, East Sussex

With a history dating back to the 12th century, The Mermaid Inn in Rye is a labyrinth of secret passages, reputedly used by smugglers. Many guests have reported seeing the ghost of a woman who died in a rocking chair, which is said to rock by itself. The inn’s creaking floorboards and low-beamed ceilings make it a quintessential haunted pub.

7. The Golden Fleece, York

The Golden Fleece haunted pub, York

In the historic city of York, The Golden Fleece is said to be one of the most haunted pubs in England. Its medieval architecture is the backdrop for numerous ghost stories, including sightings of a Canadian airman who fell to his death and a 17th-century innkeeper. The pub’s crooked walls and uneven floors seem to echo with the spirits of its past.

8. The Black Swan, North Yorkshire

The Black Swan haunted pub in North Yorkshire.

The Black Swan in Helmsley is famous for its ghostly sightings, including a lady in a white dress and a mysterious black dog. The inn’s quaint charm and the frequent reports of supernatural occurrences make it a fascinating stop for anyone exploring haunted pubs in England.

9. Ye Olde Man & Scythe, Bolton

Ye Olde Man & Scythe, Bolton haunted pub england

Dating back to 1251, this pub’s most famous ghost is the Earl of Derby, who allegedly spent his last night here before being executed in 1651. Visitors have reported eerie experiences and sightings, adding to the pub’s haunted credentials.

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10. The Viaduct Tavern, London

The Viaduct Tavern in London

This Victorian-era pub is known for its poltergeist activity. Built over the cells of a former prison, the tavern has a history that contributes to its haunted status. Unexplained phenomena such as sudden temperature drops and ghostly apparitions are common tales among its patrons.


Haunted pubs England

The exploration of England’s most haunted pubs is more than just a journey into the country’s paranormal lore; it’s a deep dive into the rich tapestry of English history. Each of these pubs, from the ancient and rustic to the urban and ornate, offers not just a glimpse but an immersive experience into the past. The ghost stories and legends that permeate these establishments are as much a part of England’s cultural heritage as they are of its folklore.

Whether it’s the eerie atmosphere of The Ancient Ram Inn, the haunting tales of The Ten Bells, or the mysterious aura of The Jamaica Inn, these pubs provide a unique intersection of history, mystery, and the supernatural. They invite visitors to ponder the lives of those who came before and to experience the thrill of the unknown. Haunted pubs in England are not just about ghostly encounters; they are portals to the past, offering a captivating blend of historical intrigue and spine-tingling tales. For those who dare to explore, these pubs are waiting with their creaking doors open, ready to tell their centuries-old stories.

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