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Kurt Cobain’s Death – Was he Murdered?



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Kurt Cobain’s death on April 5, 1994, rocked the music world and left many people heartbroken. Although, even after all these years, we may still be mourning the loss of one of rock’s most talented voices, there are many fans and music professionals who believe that Cobain would not and did not commit suicide. There have been a number of conspiracy theories.  Why do these persist?  Well, there’s a lot of anomalies and still unanswered questions that are like itch that can’t be scratched. They demand our attention.


Mysterious Phone call

A few hours before his body was found by police officers on April 8th 1994; an unidentified man apparently called ‘In Touch Magazine’ claiming responsibility for the death of Kurt Cobain and giving detailed information about what occurred during their time together (this call has never been traced).

No useable fingerprints on Kurt Cobain’s Gun

It is also worth noting that there were allegedly no fingerprints belonging to Cobain on the shotgun, or the suicide note. Additionally, there were no fingerprints belonging to him on the shotgun shells nor on any of the drug equipment that he had supposedly used to inject himself. This seems impossible if he had committed suicide entirely by himself.  Strangely, the police didn’t seem to be bothered by this lack of evidence.

Too much heroin in Kurt Cobain’s system

One of the main reasons that many people believe Kurt Cobain was murdered is because of the amount of heroin found in his system. In order for Cobain’s body to have been injected with such a large amount of heroin, many people believe it would have had to been done by someone else; as there’s no way that Kurt could have injected himself with so much heroin on purpose (or accidentally).

(C) EnvEle

Experts have also argued that any human being with that much heroin in their system would be completely incapable of repacking all their drug paraphernalia and then lining up the shotgun and pulling the trigger.  There were later tests done using oral heroin, but the truth is that this was like comparing apples to oranges.

Kurt Cobain’s Suicide note may have forged

According to investigators such as Tom Grant and handwriting experts, the note does not appear to be written entirely by Cobain. In fact, it is likely that at least parts of it were forged by someone else. Many claim that the style is inconsistent with other known samples of Cobain’s handwriting.

A number of experts have examined the alleged suicide note over the years and at least half believe that the last four lines were added by a second person.  Without these extra lines the letter is not a suicide note at all.  In fact, the letter never mentions his intention or decision to kill himself.  What it really looks like is a journal entry.

Kurt Cobain's Death - Suicide Note

Disputed Section of Kurt Cobain’s Death/Suicide Note

In addition, the letter refers to Courtney as a ‘Goddess of a Wife’ and in big capital letters says, “I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU’ but the evidence suggests at the time he had run out of feelings for her and was even preparing for a divorce. Also, if he loved Courtney so much why address the letter to his imaginary childhood friend BODDAH and not Courtney herself? Grant believes the note was clearly written by Cobain to his fans telling them he was quitting the music business.

To Boddah Note

Someone was using Kurt’s credit card.

According to Tom Grant, when Cobain’s body was discovered in was noticed that one of his credit cards was missing.  Records show that somebody attempted to use the missing credit card after Cobain died, but then ceased when his body was discovered. Could this mean that someone took the credit card after Cobain died and used it before the body was officially found?  Does this suggest foul play?

Even Cobain’s grandfather claimed that Kurt was murdered

Cobain’s own grandfather raised serious doubts about the death of Kurt Cobain. At one point, he was actually quoted as saying that he considered his grandson to have been murdered.


Courtney Love 2005

Courtney Love 2005 (Shutterstock / Tinseltown)

Private Investigator Tom Grant Believed Love Killed Cobain

The first person to publicly go on record suggesting that Kurt Cobain was murdered was private investigator Tom Grant. Grant was hired by Courtney Love to investigate the initial disappearance of Cobain from his rehab centre.  His belief that Cobain was murdered led him to write a book titled “The Mysterious Death of Kurt Cobain: Suicide or Murder? You Decide” in which he details why he thinks Love used an assassin to kill her husband. According to Grant’s theory, Love wanted out of her marriage but knew that if she divorced Kurt, she would lose control over Nirvana’s valuable financial assets as well as custody over their daughter Frances Bean.

Kurt Cobain may have been planning to Divorce Courtney Love

According to numerous researchers, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s marriage was in trouble. The couple had been married for two years, but things were not going well between them. It was clear that Kurt Cobain wanted out of the marriage, and it wasn’t long before he decided to take action.

Kurt Cobain’s plans to divorce Courtney Love were allegedly found in his journal, which was not published until after his death. In his journal, Kurt Cobain mentions several times that he wants to break up with Courtney Love and go back home to Aberdeen where he can work on his music without having their relationship constantly hanging over him

Many have speculated that perhaps Courtney Love was behind Kurt Cobain’s murder because she didn’t want him to leave her or take away their daughter.

Investigative journalists Ian Halperin and Max Wallace believe Cobain was Murdered

Halperin and Wallace are investigative journalists who authored the book ‘The Murder of Kurt Cobain (The Mysterious Death of an Icon).’ In this work they suggest that Courtney Love was directly involved in the death of Cobain.

This publication was later followed up with another book called ‘Love and Death’ which expanded on their initial theories. According to the authors, they believe that Courtney Love orchestrated Cobain’s murder to gain control of his assets from the band Nirvana and to prevent him from divorcing her.

Whether this is true or not, She certainly did well out of the incident and inherited Cobain’s share of the rights to the licenses and royalties of the band.  Some estimate that this has been worth over $100 million – not bad for just two years of marriage.

The Claims and Death of El Duce

Courtney Love’s husband, Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain, was found dead in the greenhouse above the garage of his Lake Washington home on the 8th of April 1994.

Kurt Cobain Death - The Suicide House

Kurt Cobain’s Lake Washington home where he allegedly committed suicide. (Source WMC)

Shortly after the Kurt Cobain’s death, a musician, Eldon Hoke soon started to spread the story to several news channels that Courtney Love had offered to pay him to kill her husband.

In 1996, Hoke passed a lie detector test when claiming that Love had offered him 50,000 dollars to murder Kurt Cobain. In his interview in the Kurt and Courtney film, recorded on April 11, 1997, Eldon Hoke, also known as “El Duce”, again asserted that Love had offered him $50k to kill Kurt Cobain.

Incredibly, Hoke, was soon found dead on the railroad tracks in Riverside, California on April 19, 1997—just eight days after his final performance and one day after recording his interview with Nick Broomfield for the Kurt & Courtney documentary. Sources claim that Hoke was fully “decapitated in the ‘incident’. Hoke’s demise was quickly labelled an accident due to the high levels of alcohol in his blood.

An Artists Impression of El Duce - Death of Kurt Cobain

The timing of his’ accident’ just 8 days after the ‘Kurt and Courtney’ interview has led people to speculate that his death was linked to the statements he made during the interview. They go on to suggest that his continued existence could have prompted the investigation to be reopened and that what he could tell the police would have broken open the mystery surrounding the case.

Where does Dewitt fit into this

This is not clear at all.  Michael Dewitt was allegedly a former boyfriend of Courtney’s and was jealous of Kurt. According to Tom Grant, Dewitt was Courtney’s puppet and would do what she told him to do.  For a while he worked as Kurt & Courtney’s male nanny even though he was said to be a known heroin user.

Kurt Cobain – Soaked in Bleach Movie

The movie Soaked in Bleach, which came out in 2015, was a documentary about Kurt Cobain’s death. It made an interesting case that the police department was entirely too quick to declare his death a suicide.

In the movie, Kurt Cobain’s widow Courtney Love is portrayed as a manipulative, drug-addled murderer who was responsible for her husband’s death. The movie is a dramatization of what allegedly happened to Kurt Cobain and why it has been shrouded in mystery since his death. The movie is based on an investigative report by Nick Broomfield called Kurt & Courtney: The Truth About A Murder? In the movie, Broomfield interviews all kinds of people involved with the case including several of Courtney Love’s friends and associates who suggest that she was responsible for Kurt’s death.

New Twist – Courtney Love Settles Kurt Cobain Guitar Murder Plot Lawsuit

If you are a fan of Nirvana and the late Kurt Cobain, you may have heard that Courtney Love, Cobain’s widow, has recently settled a lawsuit from a man who claims she wanted to have him killed or kidnapped over one of Kurt’s guitars. The story which was published in the Hurriyet Daily News, the Daily Mail and Billboard Magazine online asserts that Isaiah Silva, the ex-husband of Love’s daughter believes that Love orchestrated a plot to extort the guitar from his possession. The instrument, a D-18E Martin, later sold at auction in Los Angeles for a whopping $6 million.

For the record, Courtney Love, has always strongly insisted that she was not involved in any way with the alleged incidents at Silva’s home or with the death of Kurt Cobain and strongly rejects the speculation and suggestions made by various people.

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