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Dollar Bill Hidden Secrets

Beneath the familiar face of the dollar bill lies a clandestine realm of enigma and intrigue, where symbols whisper forgotten stories and hidden secrets beckon the curious to unravel the mysteries woven into the very fabric of currency. These are Dollar Bill Hidden Secrets



Dollar Bill Hidden Secrets

There is definitely something strange and weird about the USA Dollar Bills. From hidden secrets and symbols to cataclysmic prophecies, the Dollars have it all. Just have a look at this initial collection of bizarre findings. Please note that there are so many secrets that we’ve classified this as a “live” page which means we’ll keep adding to it. Here are Dollar Bill Hidden Secrets.

These secrets only seem to appear in the Dollar currency. We’ve looked for similar effects in the Pound, the Rupee, the Euro and even the Rand without any success. However, with the Dollar, we just keep on finding them! After months of study, we can honestly say that the Dollar is the most complex, intelligent, intricate, mysterious and beautiful of currencies. It is the perfect representation of Art and Science.


Prophecy of doom or an incitement to terrorism?

We first saw this in an email but checked it out for ourselves. This is an ordinary 20 Dollar banknote that we had in one of our wallets. It was first printed in 1928 and is known as the “Jackson Bill”. The version shown in the images was printed in 2003 (after the 9/11 attacks but the image of the White House is essentially the same as in earlier versions). We are trying to access an original 1928 bill and to see if the effect described below is the same.



There is a further oddity when it comes to symbols on money such as the Dollar. The lines of the folds overlay two of the same large letters twice -“EA EA”. This is said to represent the first level of the Masonic Rite and stands for Entered Apprentice.

If you align the cross hairs correctly, the gap on the right matches precisely with 90 degrees of the 3 x 30 3rd degree of a master mason before ascending to Chapter.


Secrets of the Dollar

Much has been written on the Internet about the number thirteen and its relationship to the secrets of the Dollar Bill. A lot of it is Interesting but some of it may take you in the wrong direction! Here is some new information. There are five numbers that repeat themselves with noticeable regularity. They are: 3, 6, 9, 12 and 13. The first four (quarters) are all linear multipliers of three (3) and represent the geometric thirds and the original Trinity. (An important concept in deep Masonic teachings; hence the title – a 33 degree Mason – the highest rank.)

They are also the proportions of the “Golden Mean” which was so important to Da Vinci “The Real Da Vinci Code” and the Fibonacci sequence and considered the “Natural Miracle of proportions”. One source claims that this is part of the Great Secret that is only usually revealed to a “32 degree Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret” in preparation for his ascent to the position of 33 degrees.)

They are also the parametres of the parallelogram grid used to design all else on the Dollar Bill. Why? Take any number in the universe and divide it by three (3) and it will repeat to Infinity. This is believed to be the Masonic interpretation of the Divine. Proof of the existence of the “Great Architect”. So why was 13 so important? It dates back to the existence of two organisations – The Knights Templar and the Knights Hospitaller. Both were Christian Warrior Orders established to protect pilgrims to Jerusalem. (Please bear with us and do your own research as we are trying to cram a thousand pages into a few paragraphs.)

Dollar Bill Hidden Secrets -13 Stripes

The Hospitallers stayed “Pious” and today are commonly known as St. John’s Ambulance the Knights Templar introduced the first promissory currency and so became “God’s Bankers”. The word “Banker” originally meant “Holder of Valuables” Their power grew to such an extent that they potentially threatened both the Roman Catholic Pope Clement V and the French King Philip IV. On Friday the “13th” of October 1307 a secret order issued by the Pope to destroy the Order was carried out with vicious efficiency using the excuse of Heresy and Demon worship. Most of the Templar wealth was confiscated but a significant proportion was saved. The persecution of the Knights had been worst in France where it benefited the French King but in other countries remnants survived.

What happened to the wealth of the Knights Templar is uncertain. It is one of the great unsolved secrets. There is an interesting coincidence that some of the first references to the Freemasons (1390) start to appear shortly after the original persecution. There are also a number of similarities between the two organisations. Both have a physical and symbolic link to the Temple of Solomon, both have a strong belief in a supreme being, both have ritual secrets and both have a focus on living an honourable life and doing charitable works. Finally, both organisations have always seemed to been associated with banking. Terry Pratchett, in his novel “Making Money” reminds us that banks often look like temples.  Symbols on money remind us of its origin and its value.


People who look for hidden symbols on money, particularly the Dollar, often refer to the magic “Fluorescent 13 and Washington Image”. It can apparently be created by scanning a Dollar Bill (in an older model scanner) and shining an ultra violet light on the bill only. The rest of the screen should be masked off with black paper. Once the scan is done the image is put through a series of “curve” and “contrast” adjustments in Photoshop until the tint is revealed. The new colours are then overlaid on the original scan that has been colour inverted and merged. The result is supposed to look like the picture above. We tried this without success so the above image is an artist’s impression. The position of the three is supposed to represent the Fountain of Knowledge.


We could write books about the discovery of America by the Europeans and there would still be debate. It is fair to say that the actions of Christopher Columbus in 1492 – 1493 did create a wide awareness that a continent did indeed exist across the Atlantic. The years that followed saw several of the great “Old World” countries take a significant colonial interest in the “New World”. Between 1492 and 1776 the Spanish, Dutch, French and British all laid claims to various parts of the land mass. During the period 1720 and 1776 two interesting developments coincided. It was during this period that the Freemason movement gained significant numbers and strength and at the same time the desire for independence was growing stronger in the American Colonies.

A theory about the origins of the Dollar Bill and Great Seal is This: Many people had moved to the New world in order to live safe from the “Royal and Religious prejudice of Europe”. It is highly likely that amongst these people were influential descendants of the both Freemasons and the Knights Templar. (Perhaps the Freemasons were the descendants of the Templars) Core to their beliefs was the creed that “All Men are Created Equal” and that “Liberty for All” should be part of their eternal “Constitution”. The number 13, the date on which they were originally betrayed, was (and still is) built into all their works as a warning to future generations. It even dictated the original number of States.

As such, the designers of the original Great Seal, and those who continue to design the USA Currency (the treasury department), still include many geometric and image-based symbols on money that add to the mystery of the Dollar. Possibly the descendants of “God’s Bankers” still included the number 13 to remind their descendants that betrayal can happen at any time…. (Please note that the current One dollar bill was printed in 1963 – the first One dollar Bill was printed in 1862.)

(The One dollar Bill was first printed in 1862.)

This is one of the most commonly known secret symbols on money. Hidden in the top left curve of the shield shape that surrounds the number one is a tiny deviation from the geometric web.

This shape is called The spider or sometimes the Owl. It certainly does not appear to be an accident of design but a deliberate modification of the underlying web or mesh pattern If you then examine the matching number one on the opposite side a simulation o a spider’ web becomes clear.

Neither the “Spider” nor the “Web” are perfect representations. This may be that to make them so would have revealed them too easily when the note was first being designed. It is also said that if you rotate the image it becomes the sign of Piracy – The skull and cross bones.